I wish this clip was 10 hours long. I could watch it forever! Just a gaggle of dodos speaking with incredible confidence about absolutely nothing at all. When Harry Met Sally? OH, YOU KNOW, THE AGE OLD QUESTION FROM WHEN HARRY MET SALLY THAT WE’RE ALL STILL TRYING TO GET OUR HEADS AROUND. (#RIPNora). While we’re at it, let’s get the greasy dumb dumb from Keeping Up with the Kardashians to sex whisper his thoughts on this powerful subject. Of course, while we now know that Whoopi Goldberg has managed to find friends who don’t want to sleep with her (incredible!) humankind still faces the inverse question: CAN SEX FRIENDS REMAIN BEST FRIENDS?

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  1. WHAT Is that Kardashian DORK doing there? You know what, NEVERMIND. I DON’T CARE, nor do I know why I asked.

    In actuality, it’s nice to see SNL bringing back their View sketch. I didn’t even know the new season started.

  2. What I’m coming away with is taht the answer is just to never have any friends.

  3. Who’s that guy in the middle and have they caught the person who stole the buttons from his shirt?

  4. First of all, Ugh THE FUCKING VIEW.

    Second, I can’t believe that, in a post-Bridesmaids world, this is a conversation we’re still having. I am a heterosexual lady and my best friend of 15 years is a hetereosexual gentleman. We have a perfectly platonic, sibling-like relationship (no Lannister-o) but people constantly assume we must be sleeping together. We’ve both broken up with heaps of SOs because they couldn’t wrap their heads around it. It’s a dumb conversation to have and it would be nice if we could all stop having it.

    • If you had watched more romantic comedies you would know that the two of you are actually in love and just haven’t realized it yet. You’re welcome, by the way.

      • Holy shit, I never saw it in that light! I’m calling him right now! “Please leave your pregnant wife immediately. It will be perfect, we already know each other’s booze limits and we’re great camping buddies! Match made in heaven.”

    • I am a bisexual lady – does that mean I have ALL the friends or none of the friends? I LIKE ALL THE FRIENDS. LET ME HAVE FRIENDS SCOTT DISICK! WHY WON’T YOU LET ME HAVE FRIENDS.

      • None of the friends. No colleagues or co-workers either, ideally. Temptation city, you understand. It’s not like humans civilized enough to have video conversations and understand quantum physics could possibly have evolved to a point where we can make an adult decision to not fuck each other.


        • I have no quip for this. As much as I try to not keep up with the Kardashians, it is impossible. THEY ARE ON THE COVER OF EVERY MAGAZINES, and I get ever so bored in grocery store checkout lines. There is only so much to look at now that the Batboy newspaper is gone. RIP Batboy newspaper.


        Your libido just cannot be trusted, young lady. Now go be alone and be sure to watch the Kardashians.

      • You are only allowed to have asexual friends. If you know any eunuchs, you can befriend them too.

    • Yeah, wow. Agreed. Can we move on? If I was trying to “bang” every girl I was friends with I would probably lose my “cool.”*

      *Words in quotes are actually curse words, but I’m at work, you know how it’s done.

    • I just can’t even get into a movie where best friends for years are suddenly in love. Could you even possibly be sexually attracted to someone with whom you’ve already shared just dumb and gross secrets? The point of a LTR is that the sexy-times hooks you before the third nipple removal story has time to make you gag and run away.

      One of the coping mechanisms I’ve found is to take great pleasure in badgering my male BFF in stores and cafes. I’m generally sarcastically calling him an idiot out of platonic friend-love, so why not play it up and have nosey cashiers give him sympathetic faces at seeming totally pussy-whipped. It never ceases to amuse.

      • I generally act like a douchebag boyfriend to the two female friends who strangers assume I am partnered with.

        • Please let us know when some nosey old broad tries to give you the business in the mall and you say, “Hey, it’s not my kid!” because I will enjoy that.

    • I just drove 4 hours each way in a single day to see my opposite sex best friend who is briefly back in the US but mainly lives overseas now. so I’m waiting for that to raise someone’s eyebrows. She’s in a long-term serious relationship, and her parents understand we are friends now, but last time I visited, her dad made it clear that he assumes we were sleeping together at some point.

      When did you start just giving up when strangers treat you as a couple? Cause that’s really the most fun part of it for me.

      One of my closest friends in town is a woman, and she has a child, so god knows there is no way that she has male friends. When I’m with her, people assume I am the worst father ever, as I let her do everything, just make fun of him, and sometimes openly flirt with cute girls who want to say hi to the child.

      • I openly hit on women at bars when I’m out getting a drink with my sister. I assume it makes me seem like a bad boy, but in reality I have zero game.

  5. Did we ever uncover the mystery of who is replacing Regis? Is it Bobcat Goldthwait?

  6. Whoopie: Humblebrag humblebrag humblebrag humblebrag humblebrag humblebrag
    Joy: humblebrag humblebrag
    Sherri: Cuz one of my friends humblebrag humblebrag humblebrag humblebrag
    Elisabeth: (laughs)
    Whoopie: humblebrag
    Scott: That’s for swingers


  7. Wasn’t this question answered 25 years ago by Nora Ephron?

  8. I’m starting to think that Kardashian guy just wanders around looking for cameras to jump in front of.

  9. i mean, i would have this conversation if i was being paid a million dollars a year to be a ninny on tv, so whatever. carry on, ladies. get that money.

  10. I am confused by what it is exactly that Joy Behar actually does. Like being on The View doesn’t really count. What is her contribution to society that justifies her being famous? I feel like she’s that old friend you have that you’re friends with because you’re friends with. Like you have been friends for so long that you can’t really remember why you’re friends, and probably wouldn’t hang out with them if you met today. That’s Joy Behar.

    • You’re totally right, Joy is not like Elisabeth, who obviously is justified in being famous because she used to host The Look For Less on TLC. And now we are privileged enough to have her be one of the most outspoken neocon antifeminists on network tv!

  11. That’s a funny looking .

  12. 1. The creepy guy in the middle looks like Patrick Bateman.

    2. I don’t think it’s dishonest if you are attracted to a friend and would maybe want to sleep with them but they just want to be friends and they are a cool/good enough person that you are okay being friends and nothing more.

    • in reply to number 2: I have a few guy friends that I would gladly sleep with if given the chance, but I know that a relationship would be the worst because we are not compatible enough. So we are just friends. I don’t think being attracted to someone automatically means you can’t be friends. It adds messiness when drunk, but if you are an actual grownup you can usually keep it together (i would hope).

  13. Can men and women ever be friends?
    Can women have it all?
    Are women funny?
    Should you stick a fork in the electrical socket?

    The answer, as always, is no. Well, except for the last one. That’s really up for debate.

  14. Gaaaabe, is there something you’re trying to tell us about you and Kelly?

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