• In our ongoing coverage of things the cast of Arrested Development tweets about the upcoming revival of Arrested Development, Jason Batemen tweeted this picture of Michael Cera in the house! Hey Michael Cera, you look pretty old! What’s up! -JasonBatemen
  • For those of you who have been watching the XXX London Olympics and are currently very confused about it, Dave Hill has recorded a series of videos for the BBC in which he participates in and explains many of the events. Oh perfect! -BBC
  • Speaking of the Olympics, did everyone watch the Opening Ceremony? I’m JK with that Q because yes, apparently everyone did watch the Opening Ceremony, INCLUDING ME! It was terrible and I hated it. Everyone did watch it, though. -Vulture
  • Here’s a bit of news/non-news about Larry David’s upcoming improvised movie that may be on HBO or may be in theaters and will probably have Jon Hamm in it if it ever does really exist! -AVClub
  • Louie was renewed! -TheHollywoodReporter
  • PBS has a new video in their Off Book series, and this one is called “The Worlds of Viral Video.” Hey, you’d probably like that, huh? You love viral vids! Check it out! -PBS
  • Finally, someone has taken to the Internet to knock the HBO series Girls down a peg. WHAT TOOK EVERYONE SO LONG, HUH? Here’s a spoof called Boys. -HyperVocal
  • And, finally, Mark-Paul Gosselaar got married recently. Congratulations to the happy couple and to all of us and to love in general and to the world and goodbye! -Dlisted
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  1. I had a great conversation about the opening ceremony while waiting to order drinks at a crowded bar. It was during the weird twitter dance session thing, there was no sound on. We (the five people in my radius) all agreed it was stupid, bought our drinks and dispersed. The Olympics truly do bring people together.

    • Without sound you missed the defining feature of the broadcast: the incessant cloying and overwritten patter between Matt lauer and Meredith Viera. Also you missed Sir Paul’s kermit the frog voice.

      • I caught some of Sir Paul’s performance at a different bar, still without sound. Somehow I still knew he was singing “Hey Jude.”

      • Thankfully the people on the Canadian feed were mostly silent, just giving a bit of trivia here and there and every five minutes repeating “And these are mostly volunteers!”

    • It was great and I loved it!
      Okay, it wasn’t perfect – I think it probably looked boring as fuck from the stands, as it was really designed to be zoomed in on. But it was really interesting. I thought the strangeness was the charm. It had jokes in it! But I make an effort (sometimes it takes a lot) not to be cynical about the Olympics, and I wasn’t trying to find fault.

      • I really like the Olympics and I also try not to be cynical about them, but I just did not enjoy these Opening Ceremonies as much as I’ve liked others in the past. I actually really liked Vancouver’s. I guess it didn’t help that I was watching with a group of friends who were determined to really take the piss out of the whole thing.

        • It was really weird, I won’t deny. Not “spectacular” in the usual big stadium sense. And really busy. But I enjoyed watching it, that’s all.

      • I generally like Olympic Ceremonies, so maybe I just walked in on the wrong moment. Also, I’ve heard NBC made a lot of cuts to it.

  2. I liked the Opening Ceremony! There were 100 Ziggy Stardusts dancing to Queen! There was a giant grassy mountain like something out of Lord of the Rings because England! And the grand finale was TIM BERNERS-LEE. How is that boring? That is 100 percent bananapants.

  3. Did anyone else read XXX London Olympics and assume there was some porn Olympics also being held in London right now? If not, me neither.

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