What? What about it? (Via solestruckshoes via @juliewhitaker.)

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  2. This is bullshit. One time he almost died in a Tornado, and he went to Oz, and this isn’t what it looked like!

  3. presumably the only Gary Busey fan art that does not include flying monkeys.

  4. At long last we all get to experience the poppy field scene for real!!!

  5. Oh man. Guys. I wish I had taken a picture, but a friend of mine is getting Gary Busey tattooed on her calf. It is amazing, if terrifying. Amazifying. Terrazing. One of the two.

    Sadly, she did not think to combine The Busey with the Wizard of Oz. :(

    • What a well thought out, reasonable permanent addition to her body!

      • She’s at the point of coverage when anything is pretty much “why not?” Also, she has a rad portrait of Bernie Mac already, so really it’s starting a theme of unexpected celebrities. I’m starting a change.org petition to have Tilda Swinton in Ziggy Stardust makeup added to her collection.

  6. Get that man a brain, a heart, and some Depakote!

  7. I just saw this movie at an outdoor screening and this is totally appropriate. What made the Wizard of Oz were the performances of Margaret Hamilton and Judy Garland. The original role of Dorothy was supposed to be Shirley Temple (Awful Republican now!) but MGM couldn’t get her. But lucky for us, Judy had a breakdown in almost every scene and didn’t play it cutesy like Shirley would have. I mean, she literally goes insane when they take Toto away like someone hid her reds from her and she’s maniacally trying to find them around a bunch of creeps dressed up in cray cray outfits.

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