We talk a lot about trampoline accidents here, because that is what this website is about, but do any of you ever think about those times that people are on trampolines and then they don’t have an accident? Has that ever crossed your mind, even for just a moment? I can’t say that I’ve ever thought about it, personally, and if you’re like me BOY DO I HAVE A VIDEO COMING RIGHT UP FOR YOU! Also it’s a nice video if you’re feeling a little bit at the end of your mental rope ever since you woke up this morning, and you think it is largely because you had to see so many beautiful vacation photos on Instagram and it’s like I you don’t understand where these people are getting both the money and the time to take these vacations? How is everyone you know so independently wealthy, both with money and time? What is going on? WHY CAN’T YOU TAKE A BEAUTIFUL VACATION, TOO? It’s a nice video to watch if you’re feeling like that, both because it is so sweet and also because no one is at a beach in it. So here it is! The video that I’ve told you almost nothing about, but that I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by!

One thing I am super jealous about with this video, though, is that these people live so close to one of these trampoline places. What even is this trampoline place? How have they so perfected the joy of jumping on a trampoline, completely removing the fear that you’re going to get your leg caught in the thing and I can’t even finish this sentence but I’m picturing how the rest of it would go and oh my goodness it is horrifying? It looks great. Good job, dad. Good job, son. You’re both adorable. And thank you for not taking your son to a beautiful beach. (Via TheDailyWhat)

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  1. I can’t wait to see this video again in ten years with a British kid

  2. So the dad got a legit Spider-Man suit for himself and a discount version for his son? What a jerk.

  3. Also, I’ve been to one of these trampoline bounce houses once (in Austria??) and my friend totally ripped her pants straight down the middle.

  4. I think I would have liked this video a lot more if the dad were wearing jeans and a tshirt with the Spiderman logo on it. Or anything that wasn’t a spandex bodysuit and a full-face mask.
    But let’s all go to the trampoline place. It looks great!

  5. this is why nerds shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

  6. We had a trampoline like this at the place I did gymnastics as a kid. It was so great. I want to go to here. Also that song reminds me of some song Taco sings in The League. Also the cuts between the segments made me dizzy, but that is probably bc of my consumption of wine last night.

  7. First of all, this is adorable and I love it.
    Second of all, trampoline parks rule. At work, my team was celebrating a successful end of a quarter and rather than go out drinking on the company, we went a trampoline park to play trampoline dodgeball! A kid no older than maybe seven joined us for every single game. It was great!! No one got hurt or anything – truly a miracle.

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