We’ve been on top of the Michelle Williams/Jason Segel love beat since they were first spotted holding hands at a movie premiere in April, so you might assume that we’d be impervious to the shocking gossip that might rock a casual Michelle Williams/Jason Segel observer to their core. Right? “These guys — they’ve seen it all.” “Nothing MW/JS related could shock these guys.” That’s what you think? Well clearly you have not read this piece of news (NEWS) about MW/JS and daughter and marriage yet BECAUSE IT IS VERY SHOCKING TO EVERYONE WITH NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! From The Enquirer:

Said a friend: “You should hear Matilda talk – she wants to be a flower girl, and she tells her mom she wants a little sister. She knows that won’t happen if Momma doesn’t marry Jason – she she’s pushing for it.”

Michelle’s clearly caving to her daughter’s pressure, and to the charms of Segel, who’s lifted the dark cloud that’s hovered over her since baby-daddy Ledger’s 2008 death by overdose.

Said the friend: “Heath was 24/7 intensity, but Jason lives to make Michelle laugh, and that’s pretty hard for a gal to resist. Plus, he’s shown he’d make a great daddy. Bet on a marriage by the end of the year.”

Sounds like Michelle Williams needs to get out of this abusive mother/daughter relationship, if you ask this journalist. (Via Celebitchy.)

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  1. It’s still too soon. I’m not over the Robsten’s breakup yet. I need time before I can fully commit to a celebrity relationship.

  2. Shit, even I’d marry the guy who revived the Muppets and wrote the Dracula musical stuff in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  3. She knows that won’t happen if Momma doesn’t marry Jason – she she’s pushing for it.

    This is the funniest thing ever. Yes. If Michelle Williams cannot manage to trick Jason Segel into marriage, she will be destined to be alone in her abject misery and sorrow for all eternity. Let’s just rename her the Widow Williams, and make her dress in black, with an Olde Timey veil covering her features. She’ll not be allowed to speak above a whisper, and her dignified suffering will be an example for the youth who know not about the ills of the heart. None shall look upon her melancholy figure without feeling sensible of her plight. It is good, they will say, that she has the girl-child to care for. T’will keep her from meditating on her bleak fate.

  4. That is not the kind of sentence where “baby-daddy” is appropriate, is it?

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