Do what you love in life, and do it with passion. (Via Slacktory.)

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  1. Scoff all you want, but it takes incredible body control to be that white.

  2. These guys have definitely argued in earnest that freestyle frisbee disc should be an Olympic sport. #topical

  3. Oh no, I’m having 90s flashbacks! I feel the need for JOLT! cola and biker shorts! And dozens of tiny pouches!

    • and clothes with giant shoulder pads!

    • True story – I was walking through the Times Square subway station this morning and saw a middle aged man walk by in rather short, very tight biker shorts and a striped polo shirt. The really odd thing was that he appeared to be sane and on his way to work.

  4. ‘So there’s this guy named ‘Crazy John’ and he’s got a pedo-mustache and creepy glasses and wears a long sleeved Bud Light t-shirt that I really think should come get close to our children’
    -Teacher at this school.

  5. You know who isn’t going to make a sarcastic comment because he unironically loved frisbee and hackeysack in highschool and doesn’t want to brag but was pretty damn good at both and probably could have made a career out of either were it not for the societal pressure to fit in not to mention the lack of infrastructure in both the frisbee and hackeysack industries and at some point the realization that girls just did not find either activity cool no matter how many consecutive stalls or jesters or scarecrows one could do (even though, and I don’t want to brag, that number was astronomically high)???? This guy.

  6. I love how obvious it is that they learned their frisbee tricks before learning how to cartwheel.

  7. My first year teaching we had an assembly where some guy played volleyball against himself and also against like, 80 students at a time. My co-worker leaned over and said, “Remember on the Simpsons when the yo-yo team came to school? This is our yo-yo team.”
    Guys? This is our yo-yo team.

  8. I’m pretty sure the late 80s/early 90s is a mythical place that exists solely in The Internet.

  9. and unfortunately our parents’ home video collection.

    my mom was digitizing all of our old home movies and she found this gem in a Christmas video from probably 1989 where my grandpa got a velour shirt.

    my dad: “who on earth wears a velour shirt?”

    my grandpa: “Guys with class, that’s who.”

  10. Aw, Joe, that was the hain*, bro!


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