69, DUDE! In honor of this being the 69th BNPG, you may either play along with the party game as I describe it, or you may play a far easier party game where you replace the number in a movie with the numbers 69. For example: Buffalo ’69. Very, very fun. OR you can play the “Heatwave Movies” party game, because holy moly it has been unbearably hot for such a long time and I honestly am having a hard time thinking of anything other than how hot it is! Is this just what summer is like? Is this what summer has already been — unbearable, inescapable heat? Terrible! To celebrate how terrible it is, let’s play the game. I will go first.

  • Hot Dog Day Afternoon
  • Out Hot
  • Air Conditioner Bud
  • For-sweating Sarah Marshall
  • Inside Man, Because It’s Too Hot Outside, Man

I feel cooler already just kidding I don’t think I will ever be comfortable again!

Comments (65)
  1. The Ice Cream Man Cometh

  2. The 69 Blows

  3. The Ice Cream Man Only Rings Twice

  4. The (parched) air up there

  5. Hot Mountain

  6. (Please) Be Cool

  7. Some like it hot, but those people are weiners, pass me a margarita, please?

  8. Star Wars: Episode 69 – A New Action Figure

  9. He’s Just Hot That Into You

  10. The Sweat Collector

  11. Hot Hot American Summer

  12. The Dark Knight Temperature Rises

  13. Weekend at Sunburnies

  14. Moneyballsweat

  15. Hot Fuzz (recycled from the last party game)

  16. 69 Candles

  17. Little-Missed Sunshine

  18. The Swamp Ass-ination of Jesse James

  19. Parry Hotter

  20. Egg on a Hot Tin Roof

  21. 69 Days Of Summer

  22. Sweat Shorty

  23. The Good, The Bad and The Muggy

  24. Ice Age…NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. You Can Count On Me Staying Inside All Day

  26. Saturday Night Fever

  27. Eyes Wide Shut the Damn Door Because I Need to Turn On the AC

  28. Crazy, Humid, Love.

  29. 12 Monkeys dead from heat exhaustion (more news at 11 on Channel 69).

  30. Man on a ledge, because it is like heaps cooler outside due.

  31. Swamp CooleRunnings

  32. The GoddamnIt’sHotOutHereFather

  33. The Shade: Redemption

  34. Sunburnt After Reading

  35. The God(it’s hot)father

  36. Schindler’s Listless, because it’s so hot outside

  37. Eternal Sunshine, duh

  38. Hot Hand Luke

  39. Great Balls of Fire

  40. Celcius 911

  41. The Last Airconditioner

  42. Last of the Mojitos

  43. 12 Sweaty Men

  44. There Will Be Sweat Stained Armpits

  45. Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ College Funds Because I Keep Turning up the AC

  46. Grumpy Cold Men

  47. Grumpier Colder Men

  48. Heatstroke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Grape Popsicles

  49. Step Up 2: This Heat

  50. nice picture….

  51. Pulp Friction, High Humidity

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