It has been months since we got our first look at Aston Kutcher’s intensely accurate visual portrayal of Steve Jobs. It’s possible that some of us thought that maybe, in that span of time, he let up a little bit in just straight-up BECOMING Steve Jobs for the independent Steve Jobs movie he’s filming. “One actor can only do so much,” we probably thought. ”Plus I think he’s with Mila Kunis now, I don’t know, I saw it on a website.” Well reports from the set have proved us wrong yet again, claiming that the actor formerly known as Ashton Kutcher DOESN’T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE. From Radar:

A person working on the indie film, “Jobs: Get Inspired” tells Radar that the actor refuses to “come out of character” after the cameras stop rolling and that even during lunch he “doesn’t crack.”

“He’s not been nice to people on set. He’s been really mean to everyone, even when he’s off camera,” the source says — going on to claim that Ashton is taking the role so seriously that he won’t even let his rumored fling Mila Kunis on set because she’s a distraction and “he’ll break character.”

“I’ve heard that on Two and a Half Men Ashton is really cool and friendly, even to the extras, and a great guy — that he’s friendly with everyone and goofs around, but it’s been the polar opposite on this movie.”

More on the complete transformation of this formerly cool and friendly, even to the extras, actor after the jump.

The insider says that at first he didn’t understand why Ashton was being so terrible to people even when the cameras weren’t rolling, but he was quickly filled in.

“I’m sorry sir or ma’am, I guess no one let you know that you were going to be on set with a genius today,” explained a PA.

“I didn’t understand when he started yelling at people. A PA had to explain to me that Ashton was insistent on staying in character at all times on set. I’m pretty sure this a whole new way of acting for him, it’s kind of bizarre.

“There was preparing for a scene the other day where he had to fire a bunch of people and he got himself really worked up. We were taking a break between filming and sitting around relaxing when Ashton walked past and screamed at us, “If you are just gonna sit in these fu**king cubicles like you’re at home you might as well stay at home.

Sounds fun!

“Everyone thought he was actually yelling at us to leave, we didn’t realize first of all that he was just ‘being in character.’

“When it came to shooting the actual scene though it played out completely differently. On camera he walks down the hallway and a guy asks ‘are you gonna fire us all?’ And he replies ‘probably’ and walks out. Maybe he decided the screaming option didn’t play so well!

And there you have it. It’s just wonderful that we live in an age where this knowledge can be beamed directly into our homes, right where we want and need it, rather than having to wait years and years and years for it to come out in serious actor’s handbooks around the world.

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  1. Hahaha oh man this is my new excuse for whenever I’m being an asshole. “Oh, I just read a book about an asshole and I wanted to give the character a shot. YOU’RE FIRED! YOU SMELL BAD AND NOBODY LIKES YOU! Man. Acting, you know?”

  2. “If you are just gonna sit in these fu**king cubicles like you’re at home you might as well stay at home.”

    I don’t think Ashton understands what cubicles are.

  3. i bet that’s his excuse for parking in handicap spaces too. “I’m in CHARACTER you DOLT!”

  4. I hope all of this ends up in yet another of Ashton Kutcher’s unforgettable performances.

  5. So I guess this thing with Mila Kunis is just really thorough method acting left over from No Strings Attached?

    • well, she was in the ‘fuck buddy’ movie with justin timberlake…no strings attached, although, also the name of an *nsync album, was the Kutch and natalie portman.

      yes, i hate myself for knowing all of this.

      • True story: One night I went out and got extremely drunk, and when I got home I couldn’t go to sleep because every time I closed my eyes I thought I would vom. Without even thinking about it, I turned on No Strings Attached on Netflix and was sound asleep within 10 minutes.

        Thank you, Ashton Kutcher, for being so much more nauseating than my actual nausea!

  6. He seems like a real grade A douche canoe, but I have a very good friend who looks exactly like Kutcher and is the absolute BEST, so it’s hard for me to hate too much. I hear something like this and then I think “But, remember the time we snuck into the drive in with our bikes through a farmer’s field to watch an all-night horror marathon and had to eat the corn we stole from the farmer raw because we hadn’t thought that through? Or when our friend started taking break dance lessons so we got a bunch of 90s how-to dance videos from the library so we could ambush her in alley in the rain and dance battle wearing matching leotards, but then forgot about it until years after she stopped taking the classes and when we finally did it she was SUPER confused and kind of freaked out? And when we were too old for Halloween but wanted to go trick or treating anyway so we wrote Halloween carols and went carolling door to door for candy? Yeah, Kelso’s not such a bad guy.”

  7. PRO TIP: If you want to call a dead guy an asshole without sounding like a dickweed, make a movie about that dead person and say that the person playing him or her is staying in character and being an asshole to everybody. Then nobody can get mad at you for insulting the deceased.

    • i heard Alan Rickman is playing Andy Griffith in a biopic and going the method route. He’s gone town to town all over the South East eating pie in diners. a source also tells me he’s used folksy charm to get 4 innocent people off on murder charges by defending them in court. a fifth wasn’t as lucky.

  8. You’ve been Method’d!

  9. I worked on a movie recently where one of the actresses was playing a blind character and she spent the whole time pretending she was blind. Someone had to lead her around everywhere even at lunch. It was pretty weird, but at least she wasn’t playing a blind asshole.

  10. Man, I really want to see Daniel Day-Lewis’s Abraham Lincoln make a cameo in this movie.

  11. I hear he practiced being The Worst for many months prior to filming the art house drama Spread. They must be working on a sequel because it seems like he’s at it again

  12. Oh my God when is this episode of Punk’d going to end? Put us out of our misery, Ashton, come out and reveal the prank already.

  13. I wonder if they know that Steve Jobs was about more than simply yelling. This isn’t a Jim Cramer biopic.

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