“According to people familiar with the situation,” Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. think there’s enough money people are willing to pay MATERIAL to turn The Hobbit into a trilogy. Congrats, NERDS!

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  1. Oh cool, I am definitely looking forward to ignoring three (3!) movies’ worth of nerd quibbles over inaccuracy. One was not going to be enough.

  2. Maybe this means the time is right for me to pitch my 5-episode miniseries “The Nantucket Supremacy.” It’s based on a limerick.

  3. They’re really Tolkien their time with this one, huh?

  4. Well, a trilogy, and the last part will be split into two movies. You know, to keep true to the book.

  5. Why are we not talking about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson? i need my videogum snark on this subject.

  6. And yet he’ll still manage to find a way to leave out Tom Bombadil.

    Bring Guillermo Back!

  7. Surprise, surprise. I hate it when they do this with films! I am sooo looking forward to The Hobbit but 3 films is a little ridiculous – that’s all they had for the entire of LOTR.

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