Just about everyone loves to complain, I think it’s safe to say. Each day, from the moment you wake up with a headache already to the sound of your totally annoying alarm just so you can get to the job you might hate on time, to the moment you finally fall asleep after tossing and turning on your mattress that is a little TOO soft?, we are each presented with an infinite number of things that are maybe not so good that we could spend a bit of time talking and talking and talking about to whoever will listen. But today — at least today — in those moments of stress, maybe you can take a second and remember that you are at least not sorting a million boxes of stupid legos for what amounts to DAYS! AHHH! At least you are not doing that. And that is something, SOMETHING IN THIS LIFE ON EARTH, to feel grateful for. Amen. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. They should make a lego sorter. Like a money sorter, but with legos instead. Bonus points if it can pull the flat ones apart when some jerk pushes them together really tight.

  2. So we all realize that he used up at least one vacation day for this, right?

  3. I’m glad my OCD is limited to checking locks.

  4. But I AM sorting legos for 71 hours! THIS JUST MADE IT WORSE.

  5. “When he finished boxing the legos, he realized he had no follow up. No purpose for having accomplished the task. It was then he was filled with a deep sense of regret and purposelesness.” – Werner Herzog “Legoman”

    • “It was only when he unearthed the syrup from deep within the plastic bottle that he saw the truth: man’s quest to increase his breakfast sweetness intake was not a moral choice but rather a predetermined act of inherent waffle sweetening.” – Werner Herzog “Eggoman”

      • “He looked down at his swollen belly and pondered what deity could have allowed this aboration from proper genetics” – Werner Herzog “Preggo Man”

        • “Fuckin’ magnets, how do they work?” -Werner Herzog “Faygo Man”

        • “This spike-armored prehistoric monster – what was it defending itself from? Centuries, mankind assumed it was from more aggressive carnivores, but perhaps we have been too quick to assume this beast was not consumed by his own self-loathing. Was his brain too small or was his heart too big? I struggle with trying to sympathize with the giant but I find there’s a difficulty – a blockade of human-dino relativity” – Werner Herzog “Stego Man”

        • “And as his tummy rumbled, he knew it was only a matter of time until his retirement to the men’s room would give him a moment’s peace where he could ponder life’s questions and look to the sky and thank Jaime Lee Curtis. – Werner Herzog “Rego Man”

  6. For those of us who find satisfaction in compulsive organizing and who also enjoy Sisyphean tasks, this actually looks rather wonderful.

    • I was going to say…that looks really fun. Maybe I’ll finish entering the entirety of my bookshelves into Goodreads today.

      • I may reorganize my bookshelves, as many books have departed my to-be-read bookshelf and moved to my read shelf, only to find themselves without room and so thrown on top of other books.

  7. what was the tought process that led to the decision of using 65000 pieces ? why not 60000 ? it’s like those Triscuits with 61 % less salt… such a random number. The taster : “65 %…not salty enough”… “60 %…. way to salty”.
    At some point, you gotta lego (see what i did…the highest form of comedy, ze pun…”

    • too… damn you, english language…

    • THAT is your problem with Triscuits? Not the fact that they are just trying to get us confused as to what a “scuit” is? I’ve spent at LEAST 71 hours comparing a biscuit and a triscuit, and I still can’t figure out what the former has two of and the latter has three of.

      • My problem with Triscuits is that they are terrible but the box, at a glance, resembles a Wheat Thins box, which are amazing, so this all too often leads to excitement, followed by disappointment.

  8. What would you do if you had 2 weeks of perpetual darkness?
    (I’m going out on a limb and saying this is either Sweden or Norway)

  9. It’s upsetting to realize how easily I could get sucked into a project like this.

  10. I knew booking Van Halen to open for The Wiggles was a bad idea.

  11. I don’t have the heart to tell them you can buy bulk blocks in single colors at any Lego store around the world…

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