This is a terrible prank. Do not play this prank on your wife. (Via Gawker.)

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  1. I played that prank on my friend once when he was sleeping in the passenger’s seat. Only the truck wasn’t getting towed, and I was trying to pass someone on a two lane road, and it actually was coming right for us, and I was withing about a second of actually going left onto the shoulder before I was able to duck back into our lane, and now that I think about it, it wasn’t actually a prank. Seems funny now, though, except when I see it my night terrors.

  2. You know what IS a good prank to play on one’s wife? Infidelity.

  3. I like the part were she got pranked.

  4. Good prank. Nothing could possibly go wrong with driving a car and operating a video camera simultaneously.

  5. I brought a comment to a .gif fight

  6. Don’t worry, guys. She pranked him back with some hilarious divorce papers later.

  7. Not so much a prank, but one time me and some friends accompanied our friend’s ska-core band on a road trip to play a weekend in Albuquerque opening for the Gadjits. We were in two cars, and at one point on the highway the trombone player’s car passed us, and as he did everybody in his car pretended to be asleep, including the trombone player who had his head back against the headrest and had his right eye closed so it looked like he was asleep too. It was a funny visual.

    • Hahaha! That IS a funny visual.

      I used to do a similar thing to a college girlfriend. I’d say, “Dare me to drive with my eyes closed?” And she’d say NO. So I’d say, “I think I can do it.” Then I’d close my right eye. She’d freak out, and when there was a curve coming up she’d really freak out, and I’d yell “What? What? Is there a curve? Which way? WHICH WAY SHOULD I STEER?” And she’d be in hysterics yelling “Left! Left!” And then we’d go left and I’d open my right eye and look relieved. “See? No problem. Told you.”

      She didn’t figure me out till like the 4th time I pulled that. It was so much fun I feel giddy just thinking about it. I’d forgotten all about it!

  8. Do not call your wife “babe”.

  9. UGH Guys, I just had to speak to a VERY RUDE ASSHOLE CLIENT on the phone and I was so angry, but now I feel better because I’m not married to that guy.

  10. I’m sorry, I need Gabe to work me up into a lather first with a speech about how prankasauruses are the worst kind of dinosaurs. THEN hit me with the shitty, mean prank. Seriously, Kelly? This is the set up you’re going to use for the guy in the $3000 suit?! Come on!

  11. my best friend’s dad played this exact trick on his wife during a rode trip once. i supported then and I support it now.

    this is also the family that tied knives to my best friend’s doll’s hands when he was 5 and told him “Chucky found you” upon him discovering it so…..

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