• This is the second time I’m mentioning Prince Joffrey today even though I don’t really know who he is and I don’t know why everybody hates him so much, though I’m SURE he deserves it, but hey did you know he was also in Batman Begins? Its true! -FilmDrunk
  • Mariah Carrey is going to be the new judge on famous reality television series, American Idol, and she’s basically going to be paid a billion dollars to do it. UGH. Think of how many nice vacations she’s probably been on in her life! A lot, I bet! -Dlisted
  • Speaking of people who get paid a lot, look at the amount per episode the cast of Modern Family turned down! It’s so much! There are so many people out there going on extremely nice vacations all the time, I bet! -TheHollywoodReporter
  • Flavorwire has put together a supercut of the “manic pixie dream girl” in cinema over the past 75 years. If only there were a pejorative term for the male that always counters the MPDG. How about gross boring mumble jerk? HUH???? -HyperVocal
  • Speaking of supercuts, here is a supercut of every kill in Rambo: First Blood. In case you’re into that. Which I, personally, AM NOT. -BuzzFeed
  • Hey all you Pushing Daisy fans out there, guess what? No, guess. Guess first and then I’ll tell you. Have you guessed? This won’t be any fun unless you’ve guessed. Ok. So. Maybe it’s going to be a Broadway show? -DigitalSpy
  • A six-minute teaser clip from Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina was released today and it is beautiful, no duh. One thing you cannot take away from this movie is that it is probably going to be nice to look at.  -TheWeek
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  1. everything ok, kelly? not sure it’s something you’ve thought about, or someone has maybe brought up, but it sounds like you could use a vacation.

  2. American Idol totally got clowned by agreeing to pay Mariah $18 million. I would have done it for half that amount.

  3. Pushing Daisies was grrreat, but that’s largely in part to Bryan Fuller’s visuals. Not sure they can capture that on broadway.

  4. Joe Wright makes SUCH pretty movies, my goodness!! And the music is always so pretty too!! YAY PRETTY THINGS. (Also, I’m really interested in the hyper-stylized blocking and acting in this! Also the thing about it all being filmed in a giant, abandoned, dilapidated theatre is so cool! Also, also LADY MARY.)

  5. Marilyn Monroe as a MPDG? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

  6. I passed Joffrey in the street a couple of weeks ago and successfully resisted the urge to slap his face. He is very tall and super skinny which means the rest of the cast of Game of Thrones must be actual giants.

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