I hate it. Tear it down. There are people in third world countries who don’t even have rooms and you’ve used this whole room up for a joke? “I’m sorry about your dysentery but check out these mint condition Popples!” No. Nostalgia is for the weak. “What are they saying?” “Rise.” RISE UP OUT OF THIS 90S ROOM NOSTALGIA PRISON AND SAVE GOTHAM! (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. Just wait until Diddy comes and ruins it all.

  2. Ayo I respect the Game Genie but you do not need that shit for Sonic, that is weak that game was mad fun and easy on it’s own.

    • Depends; which Sonic is it?

      • It seems he has Sonic 1 through Sonic and Knuckles through the Game Genie.

        • Sonic 1 was the worst Sonic. What a poor decision!

          • It’s true! You can’t even spin-dash!

          • I know! I tried playing it ONCE, and I kept dying because I kept trying to spin dash and it didn’t work. And I didn’t even have a Tails to take my frustration out on. Pass!

          • sonic is lame and hasnt had a good game since the whig party was around

            sly cooper>>>>>>>>sonic the lamehog (<-implying he hogs all the lame)

          • While we can all agree that Sonic jumped the shark when he went 3D, and that buy the time he starting swordfighting and stealing cars he was just in his own leage of awfulness, two of the first three games plus Sonic & Knuckles were pretty great.

          • Some of us developed our mad skillz on Sonic 1 and as such, will murder any and all subsequent Sonic games. They’re called fundamentals for a reason. I think if I had to face off against death in a battle for my soul, I would play him in a sonic game and I would do it with one hand tied behind my back and when I was done he’d probably give me his soul, because isn’t that part of the deal? Why the hell am I the only one with a vested interest in this faceoff?!

          • I think the devil gives you a golden game controller, with a bootleg rumble pack

  3. Also so ’90s: no ladies in his room.

  4. Hey Chicago Monsters! Do yourselves a favor and turn on 101.1. I don’t when the format switched from “FM Talk” to whatever is happening now, but it is glorious and hilarious.

    C+C Music Factory, Right Said Fred, Dee Lite, Warrant, Coolio, Destiny’s Child, The Thong Song!

  5. his profanity-laced language, however, remains very 2012.

  6. Is it me or were half of those items from the 80s? Or is there a loophole where being into retro 80s stuff is totally 90s?

    • “What a waste of resources that coulb be used to help suffering individuals in third=world countries!”
      -Gabe Delahaye, entertainment news blog writer

    • Reminds me of the homecoming parade for my college… one year the theme was “The 80s,” and the next year the theme was “The 90s,” and they had almost entirely the same floats. Mario Bros., Ninja Turtles, etc.

      Super Mario Bros came out in 1985, along with most of the other NES cartridges in the video. He’d have been better off having Super Mario World / SNES games. Not that a lot of people didn’t still have their NES’s hooked up through the 90s, but what’s the point of having a showcase of things from the 90s and then including a bunch of crap from the 80s?

      Also, only idiots act like it’s crazy that people used film cameras and magnifying glasses. Those are still totally things.

  7. Try saying “fucking flux capacitor” five times fast!

  8. I can’t think of a scenario why this room still exists. Perhaps a 12 year old died and the parents have been too distraught to even go in the room in which case the narrator is acting callously upbeat.

  9. Looks like someone (Gabe) is just jealous he lost his prized pog collection.

  10. Not enough Beanie Babies.

  11. Cant wait to see this on 9GAG.

  12. Where’s the well-worn copy of In Utero and the diary filled with bad poetry and drawings of fetuses?

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