Sometimes you see someone with such great talent that it inspires you to do more, and do better, in whatever area you currently possess a modicum of ability. And sometimes you see someone who is a child who is already so good at breakdancing that you don’t even know why you ever bother doing anything at all, because clearly if you were going to be good at something you would’ve been flipping onto your head and winning breakdancing competitions against full-grown adults, who in turn look very silly, when you were like seven months old or whatever. Not sure what kind of mind-space this one puts me in yet. (Thanks for the tip, Werttrew!)

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  1. Yeah, this is amazing to watch, but it really makes me feel like I should stop trying because if I were actually talented enough to get to where I want then I should already be directing $100 million blockbuster movies.

    Now I’m going to bed because I work a night shift as an assistant editor on a shitty reality TV show that no one will ever see. FML.

  2. It’s cool, Kelly. I bet you still do the Lindy Hop better than Old Man Gabe.

  3. This makes me mad because the puppy I’m babysitting woke me up at 4:30 barking. And I feel like I could never ever ever do this. Even more so due to my extreme fatigue.

  4. In incredibly unrelated news, I really feel like I have to tell somebody about the conversation I just had. My co-worker just told me that he can’t watch The Dark Knight Rises, because he has a hard time seeing Bane as a primary antagonist instead of Poison Ivy’s sidekick. I responded by pretending to get a phone call.

  5. Damn, we all just got served. Hope you’re happy, Kelly and WerttreW.

  6. Having played in a youth orchestra in high school alongside ten-year-old violin/cello/triangle/etc geniuses who regularly get all the solos and cool parts, I would just like to say that all child prodigies can go fuck themselves.

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