Back in 2010, each and every one of our souls that saw the video had the saving grace of hearing The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse William Tapley’s “End of Times Anthem.” By now I hope that we’ve all gotten right with our Gods, because I’m pretty sure the rapture is ON DECK! (Though unfortunately I don’t believe it would have been possible for President Obama to have gotten right with our God because he is the leopard-king from the sea with wings or whatever and I think that must preclude mending that particular relationship.) (So sorry Obama!) Those of us who have not yet made sure their nude bodies were going to be raptured into Heaven, YOU STILL HAVE TIME! I think! William Tapley is back with a new hot jam to, as far as I can tell, let you know that you still have time to get raptured into Heaven as long as you vote for Mitt Romney. (Also the song is to provide a service to Mitt, after his “President Obama Singing Al Green” ad was taken off a YouTube for copyright infringement.) (Dual purpose.) (He can use this song now!)

One thing I know for sure is that if there is a Heaven, there is no way the totally nuts and definitely probably racist William Tapley is not going there. (Thanks for the tip, Mr. Plainview.)

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  1. I think the biggest challenge in writing a campaign song for Mitt Romney would be trying to find a positive word to rhyme with Mitt.

  2. Pretty sure I heard: “If you keep your wick trimmed, you’ll be saved.” He’s talking about a bris, right?

  3. I always though that line “wars and rumors of wars” from Revelations was sort of just saying the same thing twice.

  4. i couldn’t get past the first line. “Whoa whoa Whoa! cried the eagle”

  5. wait a second….can we talk about how this guy got a green screen?

  6. I’m confused. Doesn’t this guy want World War III?

    • I think some of these assholes vote for the guy who will cause the end of the world because it fits in with their 19th-century ridiculous view of the Bible.

  7. more self awareness than you’d expect – I mean, admitting it’s just in his mind was pretty big of him.

  8. Romney is a hero in his mind and Obama is a slave in Mormon heaven.

  9. How does sobriety in the Mormon faith work, exactly? If it is still legal by the govt. is it okay? Because why I do not think this guy is drunk, he is definitely on something. My guess is bath salts, probably obtained from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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