Hey, remember when TLC stood for The Learning Channel? We were probably learning TOO much and they had to balance us out.

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  1. I’m just not gonna click that link. I feel tremendously good about that decision.

  2. Honey Boo Boo needs to get sucked up a chocolate pipe like the butterball in Willy Wonka.

  3. How is that lady’s neck bigger than her head? Is she okay? Someone call the doctor.

  4. y’all. i just moved back to the south two weeks ago, and have been swooning over how much i love this region, and all the ridiculous weirdos that live here. frankly, i would way rather hang out in a backyard mudding party than a rooftop brooklyn party any day. you’d better redneckise might be my new life motto.

    • What is a muddling party? Does it involve muddling herbs into cocktails? Because if so, that sounds like my kind of party.

      • Fun fact: I own a mortar & pestle, a mocajete, and a mixer in which I frequently make mojitos. Shit gets muddled in my house ALL DA TIME!

      • the other night at a party that did involve lots of mud i did get to drink homemade absinthe made with homegrown herbs! so we both get what we want!

        • So, I grew up in the redneck South, and I have never been mud bogging (nor do I want to,) but I just recently heard that there was a wedding out in one of my home county’s big, popular mudding spots. Just so magical.

  5. Hey, remember before this post, when Bristol Palin had the worst reality show on TV? Simpler times, my friends.

  6. More like Honey Boo Hiss, amirite?

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