What makes a video an instant viral classic? Does the star have to be a cute child? Does the cute child have to be doing something that a child wouldn’t normally be doing? Does something in the video have to be miniaturized for the child? Does it have to have a very old, “funny” song in the background? Who knows? Hard to say. Other than Sovereign Bank — the viral video house behind this clip of a child shopping. Sovereign Bank knows. Shop at Sovereign Bank. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. You know what makes ANY video a classic, whether it involves children or not? Yakety Sax.

  2. 1.) two ears of corn
    2.) do we need bananas? no?
    2.) 500 bags of raisins

  3. “excuse me…but can you tell me where the baby-o’s are, please?”

  4. Nope, sorry, this child is wrong. It put back cheese. One does not not buy cheese.

  5. Dur dur d’etre bebe…

    • Holy shit! Not one week ago I was talking with a friend about french classes and I was like, “Did you ever listen to that baby song?” and he was like ” You mean Dur Dur D’etre bébé? By Jordy?” So we looked up the video online and it’s hilarious. Also funny that I hadn’t thought about that song in 15 years, and now it’s twice in a week! What’re the odds????

  6. I hate that Trader Joe’s has child grocery carts. Children running around the grocery store is bad enough, but you arm them with small grocery carts, and they become 45% more annoying. #childrenscareme #passmeawerthersoriginal

  7. Um, they forgot to record the part where the parents have to walk around the store again and put all that stuff back on the shelves.

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