• The Videogum Movie Club Reminder: The Dark Knight Rises is this weekend’s Video Movie Club choice. Go see it, and then talk about it with Gabe on Monday.
  • John McCain, Barbara Boxer, and Olympia Snowe are all going to make appearances on the upcoming season of Parks and Recreation. John McCain tweeted this picture from set. How about it! -Vulture
  • If you’ve all been following the DirecTV and Viacom dispute, I have terrible news! YOU FOLLOW VERY BORING THINGS AND SHOULD STOP! Otherwise, I have some other news. They settled their whatever! -NYTimes
  • If you were following the DirecTV and Viacom dispute, chances are you were ALSO following the Bret Easton Ellis and Nikki Finke dispute. Right? RIGHT? Ahhh! You love terrible disputes! Anyway, there’s some news about that one, too. -FilmDrunk
  • The theatrical trailer for The Master came out today. Since we didn’t do a trailer roundup because, uhhh, no trailers were released this week for some reason?, why don’t you just watch this one? Huh? That’ll be fun! -Dlisted
  • Hey, so, did any of you watch the first episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series, “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”? Holy moly! What a bad web series! Remember when he talked about his car? WHO CARES! Anyway, here is a slideshow about cars from movies! -TheWeek
  • A lego version of The Wire exists, in case any of you want to watch it. I bet at least some of you would like it! You love The Wire! Check it out, maybe it will make you happier than you are currently! -HyperVocal
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  1. I’m finally participating in the VG movie club! Very excited, very cool.

  2. Th DirectTV + Viacom thing is actually not such boring news, as that is what is keeping me from watching Breaking Bad live for the next few weeks. I hope this means the AMC stuff will be back very immediately though, or I’m screwed for Sunday.

  3. 1. SO PUMPED for The Master
    2. You know your web series is hella boring when LARRY DAVID is in it and it still sucks
    3. The Lego Wire came out like an internet millennia ago, come on! But yes, sogood.gif

  4. I thought the coffee thing was pretty entertaining

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