Oh no, but what it the new writing staff won’t be as good as the old writing staff just kidding I’m sure they don’t do much anyway and also this is what show biz is all about and also the show is pretty unbearable!

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  1. No staff in the writing room is where this man eats. (Sorkin chews really loudly and is super embarassed and self-conscious about it)

  2. worked for “the walking dead” – aaron sorkin

  3. He replaced them all with clones of himself

  4. Walk & You’re Fired

  5. Yeah… because all the unbearable and often cringeworthy Sorkinisms the show is soaked in were all written by his staff and not by himself. Great Job, Aaron!

  6. I like the show.

    • The first episode was a little frantic, but it has calmed down since then. I like it too. Certainly no need to fire all of those poor writers.

  7. Just hire Mark McKinney

  8. ‘If you’re going to try to sack me, you’d better bring more than a couple of guys’ – a sacked ‘Newsroom’ writer making a clever reference to a line Aaron Sorkin, OR THE ROOM, who knows, maybe the room just happened to come up with lines that other rooms had come up with before in other Sorkin’s shows, anything is possible, used in last week’s episode and on at least one other occasion too.

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