One’s wedding day is often said to be one of the best, most beautiful days in one’s life. We’ve all heard it before. “One’s wedding day is one of the best, most beautiful, etc.” No one is trying to refute that. I’m sure that everyone, probably ESPECIALLY the people in this video, not to get ahead of myself, will cherish their wedding day for the rest of their lives. Even if it’s crazy. Even if you decide to have your wedding at McDonalds because that’s where you met your sweetheart, but the McDonalds forgot that they had to close the restaurant that day, and they didn’t close it, and it was full of customers trying to get their orders while you’re trying to get married. Even if you decide to have it at a bowling alley and forgot that the bowling alley was going to be really noisy and also lots of children are there for a fundraiser. Even if you thought that having your wedding at a wedding dress store would be a good idea, but then it’s like, you have to be around a lot of wedding dresses and some of them are nicer than yours because you were on a pretty modest budget. Any of those scenarios would be mostly fine and lovely because you are marrying the person you love and it doesn’t even matter where you are. Unless you’re underwater. Then you’ve chosen a nightmare.

I know that it looks fine and sweet, kind of, but, uh, AHHHHHHHHHH! Scuba dive to a tiny tube surrounded by water so you can get married there? I’m having trouble breathing just thinking about it. Let’s never do this, guys. Please. Please let’s never get married underwater. Promise me that we won’t. (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. the father of the bride remained unamused.

  2. How romantic oh god it’s a Portuguese man of war we are going to die

  3. I wish someone would ask me if I would marry them underwater, so I could say “Don’t hold your breath!” And then I would reap the benefits of my witticism. The lonely, lonely benefits.

  4. Kelly, true love is always putting you and your sweetheart in a position where you get to drown at the exact same time. Really, anything where you die within minutes of eachother. Have you learned nothing from Nicholas Sparks?

  5. She’s not wearing white.

  6. But I’ve already booked the reception hall!

  7. I really like Kelly’s descriptions of places that are awful for weddings. I would also suggest a subway stop in August during rush hour and/or 2 a.m.

  8. I wonder if she will let me borrow her dress

  9. I promise you Kelly that I will not marry underwater, but no promises that I will not marry on the moon.

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