Aaron Paul was on the Tonight Show last night to talk about Breaking Bad, being nominated for a second Emmy, being a young weirdo on The Price Is Right, being beautiful, etc.

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  1. Videogum Aaron Paul Promise? I’m for it.

  2. I don’t really want to watch Jay Leno (Team Conan) so I didn’t watch this clip but here’s what I’m guessing happened:
    Aaron Paul shows up in something that makes him look GREAT!
    He smiles at the audience and it feels like he’s smiling at me directly and I immediately start to blush.
    He talks about how great his fiancee is and I’m sad but happy for him.
    He talks about how honored he is to be nominated for an emmy and he makes “bedroom eyes” like that gas station gif that someone posted earlier (woo!) and I just think he’s so charming.
    He talks about what fun he and Bryan Cranston have on the set and I think he must just be such a nice person and he and Bryan Cranston must both be just really great to be around.
    Jay says something dumb and I roll my eyes.

    How right was I?

  3. Its wrong to treat actors like they are just objectified pieces of eye candy and/or sex meat for you to drool over, these are artists who worked hard to get where they’re at, so you belittle their accomplishments with your objectifying gaze.

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