I’m not sure what you guys want to talk about, but I’m pretty sure it’s not this video, right? Totally, no, I know. This video! Gahhh! No way! Let’s talk about anything else. The way your jeans smell after a rainstorm? A Huggy Bear 7″ you haven’t been able to find since the last time you’ve moved that you wonder if it’s available on eBay but you’ve never actually bothered to look? Whether you prefer ketchup, mustard, or ketchup AND mustard on a hot dog? Whether time is truly linear or if it is some kind of amorphous oroborous shaped cloud of time-gas? Bill Clinton’s saxophone solo? Seriously, it is up to us, but whatever it is, let’s agree to all make sure it’s not this video. I just feel like that’s a path none of us wants to go down. “Hey, remember the thing that happened one time and how that person felt about it and who said what about when and nostalgia and pop culture reference and deep inquiry about existential mysteries?” “Oh yeah! This is a great conversation and I’m glad we’re having it and I’m even more glad it’s not about that video.” (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. Instead of talking about this guy who kind of looks like an “Alien” from Prometheus’ kid married a chola and this is their offspring, I’d like to ask if anyone else thinks PBS firing Fred Willard is kind of harsh? I mean, why do they have porn theaters if not to…TCB?

  2. Let’s get this guy next to a lifting magnet.

  3. Let’s talk about pizza.

  4. “I invented swag.” –That Guy

  5. of COURSE I only put mustard on a hot dog.

  6. I used to go exclusively sans condiment on my hot dogs, but in my old age I’ve taken to putting some ketchup on them. There we go. Let’s talk about ketchup vs. catsup now.

    • I prefer Ketchup, Catsup sounds to 1% for my liking. On my hotdogs I like ketchup and mustard OR if im getting fancy bbqsauce, onion rings, and chedder cheese (or cheez).

  7. Why wouldn’t we want to talk about this video? It’s a video response to Katherine Chloe Cahoon’s Nordstrom Fall Sneak Peek, right? Isn’t that why he’s whispering?

  8. I’m going to break the rules because that video is f’ing awesome. Seriously. A+, drugged-out Frank Ocean guy. He’s some kind of David Lynch for the Instagram set. I wish he had directed Dark Knight Rises.

  9. Ketchup, mustard, relish. And you know what? If I’m making that hot dog at home, I add just a little bit of mayo. That’s right!

  10. I only watched 8 seconds of the video. Does he fall in the water?

  11. what is happening with the background it’s distorting in his presence we have a reality anomaly here excise spacetime quadrants why isn’t the basecraft responding oh shit i’m stranded here #yolo

  12. Gotta admire the symmetry of those piercings.

    He keeps looking back to see how close the fast approaching wildebeest like stampede of babes is getting

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