• A Now & Then TV series is in development for ABC Family. Who should play all the parts, do you think? All the same girls? Reprising all of their roles? -Variety
  • Last night on Conan, Conan featured a bit about Rush Limbaugh’s idea that The Dark Knight Rises‘ Bane is a liberal attack against Mitt Romney. (AKA THE TRUTH 2012.) It’s funny. Here it is! -TeamCoco
  • This is a video called ”Audacity to Dream!” and it’s about space and it’s going to make you wish that you paid more attention in the “History of the Universe” class you took because space seems great and very inspirational. -TheDailyWhat
  • I’m sure that by now you’ve heard that Chick-Fil-A voiced the anti-gay opinion that I have to believe most already knew they had, and now Ed Helms and a few other celebs are taking a stance against it. Celebs, you guys. Don’t eat at this garbage food and hate restaurant, because Ed Helms doesn’t. -Celebitchy
  • Uh-oh, did you guys hear about Fred Willard? Poor Fred Willard. Leave him alone! Kind of! Really, just, like, go home, Fred Willard! What are you doing! -Gawker
  • (Speaking of penises.) -FilmDrunk
  • Uh-oh AGAIN! This time a very different type of uh-oh. Looks like Suri Cruise will no longer be dressing like a weird, spoiled adult. Finally. “Finally,” said everyone who has no business even knowing anything about any of it. -Dlisted
  • “Why are people stealing Hasseloff cutouts from local stores?” A very good question. HyperVocal doesn’t know the answer either, but at least THEY’RE guessing. -HyperVocal
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  1. Obviously Willard wanted to get caught, right? Otherwise why not just read celebrityboobs.ru?

  2. Dude, this isn’t celebritytaint.ru

  3. Rosie O’Donnell looks like she’s photobombing that poster.

  4. your apology makes it sound like it was an accident. Was it? And a follow-up: If so, how?!

  5. Heh. Man, they really fucked over Christina Ricci in that movie, huh?

  6. Willam from RuPaul’s Drag Race also has strong feelings about Chik-Fil-A:


  7. Did you see how big the International Space Station was? It’s huge! As big as a 5 bedroom house with 6 astronauts on it for 6 months at a time. very cool.

  8. I love that space video. If I were starting all over again I’d aim to work for Space X. So cool.

  9. my thoughts on Chik-fil-a SINCE YOU ASKED.

    this is America. they are a private company, and private companies have that right. and people have the right to not eat there, no matter how hard Chik-fil-a makes it by making, just goddamned good food. so you choose not to eat there? fine! just like it’s fine, but also a damn shame, for it’s owners to use its profits how they see fit – even as it goes against my very strong, personal beliefs in gay rights.

    and isn’t it great that we’re all afforded that right? to support or not support things we like or don’t like, however we choose? yes, it is great.

    but you know what? the one by me has quite a few gay people very happily working there. i know a number of gay people who eat there and love it.

    Chik-fil-a donating $2 million to a stupid, and worthless cause isn’t getting in the way of progressing gay rights, old peoples’ stringent and antiquated notions of human sexuality and religion are – and those will [and continue to] evolve with time.

    unfortunately my grandma doesn’t accept homosexuality, but she’s my grandma and i love her, so i will continue to take her out to lunch, even if she takes the money i saved her and gives it to some pastor who hates himself gay people.

  10. The chubby one from Now & Then died of an alleged heroin overdose many years ago. I found this out last year and it tore my tiny grinchy heart to pieces.

    So everyone BUT her. Janene Garofaolo was the best in that. So goth! WITCHY WOMAN get over here!

  11. ug you are all wrong about space!! IT IS ENDLESS AND TERRIFYING. tin foil hats up everyone

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