We already know that Benedict Cumberbatch is a dangerous sex monster who will say ANYTHING to permanently destroy women’s reproductive organs, but now it turns out that he is also a total Birthday Beast who has unwittingly dedicated his life towards the eradication of our precious teenage cancer stockpiles. Seriously with this guy already! From ONTD:

The unofficial fansite, CumberbatchWeb started a donation drive for the Teenage Cancer Trust in honor of Benedict’s birthday. Originally hoping to raise 250 pounds, fans rallied together and surpassed it by thousands!

The website’s tumblr has posted this message: “In case you missed it on twitter Benedict has kindly sent a thank you message via his friend for the fundraising.

Benedict said: “The amount of effort, love, joy and celebration as well as money raised! I’m speechless. Pls pass on my love and gratitude. Thank you!! Bx”

So, in honor of his 36th birthday, his fans, completely on their own steam, raised more than £7,000 ($11,000) for a totally legitimate and useful charity? EESH! Is ANYONE safe around this guy? What is it with this guy?! Will this guy ever quit it?! Good grief. “Derrr, I’m Benedict Cumberbatch and I have a good head on my shoulders and a fair amount of humility and my priorities seem to be in the right place and it’s a pleasure to watch me succeed because I seem to have the talent to merit my success and the projects I choose are categorically interesting and it just so happens that my fans are the type of people who instead of desperately searching for photos of me buying a caramel macchiato and drawing cumstains on my Seven For All Mankind jeans, they’d rather pool their resources and help other people in need. Derrrrrr!” The worst.

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  2. What a Cumberbastard.

  3. Sure, but my Tilda Swinton-inspired kickstarter to legalize hunting humans for sport is “immoral” and “indicative of an unsound mind”. Where’s the justice, I ask you?

    (also good on them!)

  4. It would have to be one hell of a caramel machiatto to end up with cumstains on your jeans.

  5. What kind of dick doesn’t create his own twitter account to thank his fans for charity? I mean, really.

  6. So, I’ve never seen Benedict Cumberbatch in anything and don’t really know much about him except his name and the things I’ve read on here. But last night I actually had a dream that he was my boyfriend. HE IS INFILTRATING MY SUBCONSCIOUS AND I DON’T EVEN REALLY KNOW WHO HE IS.

  7. Now that we’ve gotten this goodness out of the way, can we PLEASE get an article about how Fred Willard was arrested for lewd conduct in an adult theater? PLEASE?

  8. Where the the Cumberbitc… I mean CumberBABES with the CumberGIFs?

  9. My wife would like to tell all you ladies to bugger off. She saw him first.

    As her husband, I would like to imagine that he is gay. (My wife sobbed openly during Tinker Tailor when his character came out of the closet).

  10. I don’t like his looks. SO SUE ME

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