This PSA, created by the Oregon Dental Association, serves as further evidence that this week is trying very hard to make up for last week. And it’s really making some headway! #allmyteethloveme (Via Gawker.)

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  1. Looks Big Toothbrush has Kelly in their pocket.

  2. Can we get a “Teach Me How to Flushy” PSA for people using public bathrooms?

    • You know what I never can understand? People who do that at work. Because, first of all, gross, but also, they’re automatic toilets! How do you dodge the sensor, and more importantly, WHY?

  3. It can’t be stressed how hard it is to make a PSA that cannot be mocked for lack of quality, genuine interest to kidz, or a great cause. But you walked that line ODA. You walked that line like a champion. And no one can take that away from you.

  4. I am probably not in the target demographic, as I already know how to brushy, but damned if this wasn’t charming anyway! Hurrah for charm! Hurrah for proper dental hygiene!

  5. This was so great! But I think they need to work with that kid at the end some more. Everyone knows it is NOT proper hygiene to leave your toothbrush on the floor after you’re done.

  6. So he drops a perfectly nice toothbrush on the floor at the end? Waste much? Hello Oregon, you’re supposed to be leading us in green technology.

  7. This video needs more twerk.

  8. Oh man, that’s how you do it? Would’ve been good to know before all my teeth fell out.

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