• This is a photo of some 3D street art that was painted in Madrid to advertise The Dark Knight Rises. It’s great because all 3D-style street art is great because how do they even do it? Check out the trailer for Dark Knight Rises, looks like this sleeper might just become a hit! -Geekologie
  • Jerry Lewis is directing a coming stage-musical adaptation of The Nutty Professor in Nashville. Duh. -NYTimes
  • Hey ladies, guess what? You excited to hear something? Want to guess it first? Ok, I’ll tell you. Blake Lively says she has never exercised and will probably start someday! Ahhhhh! Ladies! Her secret’s out! -Celebitchy
  • The New Yorker blog, Culture Desk, did a piece on the nice little web series “7 Minutes In Heaven,” and its twenty-eighth and final episode, featuring the tiny and sweet Joanna Newsom. Read it! -NewYorker
  • Speaking of things you should “read it!” about, yesterday McSweeney’s published this list: “Suggested Buzzfeed Articles.” It’s great. You can already tell its great and you haven’t even read it yet. -McSweeneys
  • And, THIS JUST IN, BuzzFeed has started creating and posting them. -BuzzFeed
  • Ah, The Hunger Games has finally cast its “Finnick”! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Each and every one of us, without exception! -AVClub
  • The Week has put together a post guessing who the next judges of American Idol may be. Who are your guesses? Here are mine: Tom Waits, Fiona Apple, and the singer of Japandroids for however long he lasts. -TheWeek
  • Speaking of Dark Knight Rises (we were) (a bit ago), Chris Nolan explains here why The Dark Knight Rises won’t be released in 3D, and it is a very good explanation and he is correct. -FilmDrunk
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  1. Joanna Newsom is the best. That is all.

  2. “the singer of Japandroids for however long he lasts”

    However long he lasts? Is he going somewhere? Is he going to die of starvation? Is Tom Waits going to melt him with his (tom’s) eyes?

  3. The Blake Lively diet:

    At least one glass of champagne a day
    20 minutes high-impact screaming-at-assistants
    14 hours sleep
    10 minutes of low-impact scowling at assistants
    10 reps lifting purse dog
    3 high-impact outfit changes
    Nibble 1/4 Cliff Bar
    3 minutes rigorous blowing past people (paparazzi, restaurant greeters, etc.)
    4 hours high-impact self-Googling/texting about how boring it is on-set
    20 minutes fake reading a heavy book

  4. Guys, I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m actually kind of excited to see The Dark Knight Rises. It could be good!

  5. Hm. The McSweeny’s Buzzfeed list needs more superlatives. “Amazing,” “Incredible,” and especially “Mind Blowing.” Buzzfeed editors think everything will blow our minds.

    • There also isn’t enough talk about their childhoods being raped. Buzzfeed loves talking about the rape of childhood. In fact, that’s another buzzfeed list they should have had. “25 things that raped my childhood.”


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