Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.” – Richard Dreyfuss

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  1. Alternative title: Three Minutes of Mr. Holland Opussing his Pants.

  2. Mr. Hahallands Opus

  3. Mr. Holland’s LOLpus.

  4. Mr. ROLFand’s ROLFus

  5. What About LOL?

  6. Oh, it’s a supercut. At first I thought someone had filmed him laughing for a three-minute stretch and I just spent way too much time thinking about what could make someone laugh for that long.

  7. I really just want to watch an endless loop of Dryfus screaming “Then He Can Borrow My Slicker!”

  8. Relevant Wikipedia fact about Richard Dreyfuss: He’s got bipolar disorder.

  9. “We’re gonna need a bigger bo-ho-ho-hoat”

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