Where does he get such wonderful TAX RETURNS?! Good one. Good one, Gabe. Gabe for president! I sure hope Christopher Nolan goes back over the final edit and cleans up Mitt Romney’s dialogue policies so you can understand it them! Hahhaha. I’m telling you, I’m a great president. You can tell by this post. Ever danced with the blog in the pale moon comments? Some people just want to watch the world blog. I’M THE PRESIDENT GOTHAM DESERVES.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Why so SPECIAL PLACEMENT? (Image via BoingBoing.)

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  1. I’m Obamacare’s reckoning.

  2. Do you wanna know how I got these cars?

  3. Is that the same company that make the RoboCop 2? Great product.

  4. No, thanks. I’m sticking with Wu Financial, they work to devise the best plan for me and my fam.

  5. Do I have to count my minions as dependents? What about the people I murdered? Can you even understand what I’m saying under this scuba mask?

  6. These fat cats make catwoman look like a pretty mild villian.

  7. Also, I’m pretty sure Bane is uncharacteristically (and successfully) ‘smizing’ in that picture.

  8. What’s Bane doing next to Mr. Burns?

  9. Would have been funnier if the other guy was Stephen Sondheim.

  10. It’s funny cause his name is the same.

  11. Which one is the Batman villain?

  12. The special mormon undergarments are a lot weirder than I thought.

  13. “Who the hell is this blookhead?” – Bane

  14. “Mummblemmummble mumblr”-Blane
    “And I second that!”-other guy

  15. “Mitt, if you get the evil mask, I call holding my hands like a creepy rich guy AND soulless eyes.”

  16. Oh like a Batman villain would ever be elected into office

  17. Man, once you hear that Bane’s mask looks like goatse on a face, it really cannot be unseen. (Not really a caption, but commenting for truth.)

  18. Part 1 of a new series from Washington DC Comics.

  19. Romney soon learned that the punishment for eating the cookies bought for the meeting BEFORE the meeting started was both harsh and brutal.

  20. If Romney promised to wear that mask the whole time and talk gutturally like Bane in the movie, I’d totally vote for him.

  21. While Romney felt the mask was suitably menacing, he found it vastly slowed down the speed at which he could consume the flesh of orphaned babies.

  22. whatever you do you should not look at the Goatse thing with Bane on the gawker blog web zone

  23. Where are they!? – Batman looking for Mitt Romney’s offshore accounts.

  24. what do you guys think will make more money, the Dark Knight Rises or Mitt Romney?

  25. This politicking in movies has gone too far.

  26. The Man Who Broke The Bat’s Tax Filing Into Easy-To-Understand Steps.

  27. When you think you’ve had too much of this life to hang on… Bane & Company, Inc.

    Take comfort in your friends.

  28. “My face retired retroactively.”

  29. “I rirr brrrgh amrggigas brrgg”

    *I will break America’s back.

  30. The safe word is “outsourcing”.

  31. When are we going to see Bruce Wayne’s college transcripts?

  32. I greatly enjoyed reading this thread.

  33. “Yea Bane, I did notice that Gabe and Kelly are using their last names in posts now. Maybe we should too… wait, you don’t have a last name? Oops.”

  34. Where Mitt Romney learned the meaning of back-breaking work.

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