Point to the place on the doll where this supercut made you laugh. Adults rule, kids drool. (Via iO9.)

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  1. People aren’t mean enough to kids these days!

  2. Mr. Wizard – the wealthiest man in the Seven Kingdoms.

  3. Is this why young people are awful? They didn’t have Mr. Wizard to knock them down a peg or two?

  4. “Haven’t you ever seen a sliced banana before?” is an amazing burn.

  5. I don’t even know what this is. Are you people all 100 years old or what?

  6. Too bad he did it in sweaters and polos and not in this:

  7. So, this clip is literally the first time I’ve ever seen Mr. Wizard. I had no idea he was just some guy in a sweater who shows kids science stuff! I’d heard of him, but I always imagined him…dressed like a wizard.

  8. He was quite brilliant, actually. Part of the fun of being a nerd who has reached adulthood is that you finally get to bully nerds that are still kids. He cooked up the show as a means of providing him with a never-ending supply of nerds to bully.

  9. Oh Mr. Wizard, you were a gem. As much as I like Bill Nye, he is far too nice. Can you imagine Mr. Wizard’s response to the CNN anchor jerk from last week? I can, and it involves a lot of swearing and a lot of crying. As god intended.

    • I imagine him going home after Mr. Wizard, taking off his shoes at the door, putting on a different sweater and then drinking a really REALLY big glass of bourbon. Later he will sit down and journey to a land of make believe (which is one of the side effects of his crippling anger and alcoholism).

  10. Ah those were the days … the good old days when it was still ok to threaten your 13 year old neighbor girl with a beheading. KIDS THESE DAYS! Also, COPS THESE DAYS.

  11. I am having the LONGEST tuesday and that made me feel so happy THANK YOU

  12. I appreciate the multicultural universality of his mild verbal abuse. AMERICA.

  13. I couldn’t stop laughing after that boy said “oh, that’s a horrible noise” (which was after that boy’s “WHAT?”). And now I’m crying. It was an accumulation of feelings.

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