What Goes Up (formerly called Safety Glass), the Hilary Duff/Steve Coogan movie about sadness, ennui, and the Challenger disaster, now has a proper trailer:

Weird! A weird little indie is definitely good for Hilary’s career (but where is Hayley?) It’s a little bit Election-y looking, though, in a good way. I wonder why it’s called What Goes U—oh, that title has to refer at least partially to the Challenger. Too soon!

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  1. Neigh.

    I know this is Youtube comment-y, but get that pony some oats.

  2. We’re clearly feelin the loss of Super Movie Voiceover Man. His narration makes this feels so right-before-a-Disney-DVD-menu-appears.

    Olivia Thirlby! I’ll watch.

  3. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment? FAIL.

  4. Does Steve Coogan have a “teacher only” clause in his contract?

  5. Actually, What Goes Up is a good little film. The performances by Coogan, Peck, Thirlby, and Duff are solid. The producers just put a blog with the official poster, synopsis, etc.

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