Pat Robertson is the KING of making just about anything sound like a hate-filled tornado of bigoted venom. Everything that he is saying in this clip is actually pretty fair. I mean, if your religion is really important to you and you start dating someone who practices a different religion that is equally important to them, then you’re probably going to have some arguments! And if you want to avoid the arguments, it might be best to be in a different relationship! But coming out of Pat Robertson’s mouth it just sounds like: “Everyone is going to hell.” Also who is this guy who wants to break up with his girlfriend-fiance but only hasn’t because he thinks it isn’t Christ-like? WHAT A CATCH! Get in line, non-Muslim ladies. Hey, you know what else isn’t Christ-like? Writing into a cable television show to find out whether or not to get married or dump her. Christ doesn’t watch Loveline. (Via ChristianNightmares.)

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  1. Baby, where were you tonight? I called the Church and you weren’t there. Were you out doing your Muslim thing again?

  2. Muslim things is code for Jihad.

  3. “If she doesn’t cut that shiite, sunni will be leaving her.” – Lord Pun of Punnington Abbey (a.k.a. me)

  4. Well, in 1998, Pat Robertson claimed that hurricanes hitting Florida were a result of rampant homosexual behavior. So he’s just backing up God’s literal hate-filled tornados with his metaphorical ones.

  5. The reason he doesn’t want to dump her is because he doesn’t want to turn her off to Christianity? So instead of worrying about their feelings for one another, he’s worried about a missed recruiting opportunity for Team Jesus. Cool boyfriend. She’s a lucky girl.

  6. You know, if my fiancee was only with me because of WWJD, it might be a kindness to just break up. There are other fish in the sea! And humans on the land, because I am not into fishes, but whatever!

  7. I’m not sure he rested his case here. He almost did, when he said “No Way!” but then he equivocated. Pat -how can we correctly perform your particular brand of hate if you don’t REST YOUR CASE?!

  8. “It’s funny how we twist and turn what God’s word has to say to make it right for what we want.”


  9. If referring to practicing their faiths as “doing your Muslim thing” or “doing your Christian thing” is Pat’s way of updating his program for the younger, hipper Pepsi generation, then let me be the first to congratulate Pat on a resounding success.

    • I think that really hurt his case, actually. It made it sound less like there were legitimate complications that might arise as they raise a family with each other, and more like they had two different hobbies with conflicting schedules: “Dear Pat Robertson. My girlfriend plays in a soccer league. I play tennis at the Y. If I can’t convert her to racquet sports, should I dump her?”

  10. If you’re referencing the Old Testament in your argument, you’re gonna have a bad time.

  11. Haters gonna hate. (Pat Robertsons gonna Pat Robertson).

  12. Please Carly Rae Jepsen, write a song about this called “Call me, Muslim”.

  13. So…what did BRAD think he was going to hear? Sound, balanced advice?

  14. Let those young people yoke each other, you grumpy old coot!

  15. To be fair, I don’t think “getting married” at ALL is the “Christ-like” thing to do. He seems to prefer the company of men anyway.

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