The Hollywood Reporter‘s cover story this week is on this history of Breaking Bad — how it came to be, etc. — as I’m sure you already know because you always know what The Hollywood Reporter‘s cover stories are about because The Hollywood Reporter is your favorite ‘zine. While most of the story is only vaguely interesting/stuff the SUPER FANS already know, this piece of the story they’ve released online today about the incredible other choices the studio had in mind for Walter White is great! From The Hollywood Reporter:

Series creator Vince Gilligan had been impressed with Cranston’s 1998 guest-starring turn on The X-Files, on which he played a desperate man suffering from radiation exposure, and pushed for the actor. But the suits had trouble envisioning Fox’s suburban dad as their star and wanted to cast a big-name movie star.

Their picks? John Cusack or Matthew Broderick. “We all still had the image of Bryan shaving his body in Malcolm in the Middle. We were like, ‘Really? Isn’t there anybody else?’”

VERY GOOD PICKS, YOU BUNCHA SUITS! What a terrible show both of those shows would’ve been, I bet! At least definitely not nearly as good! Maybe some of you disagree. But BOY OH BOY those choices. Yuck yuck yuck. Luckily each of those actors turned it down. (Their careers are doing JUST FINE, thank you.) “He’s gonna be a meth cook on Venus.” Right? “He’s written 65 songs… 65. They’re all about meth. They’re all about pain having to do with the cooking and dealing of meth.” Just two examples of quotes that would definitely have made it into the Matthew Broderick and John Cusack series of Breaking Bad, respectively.

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  1. Matthew Broderick’s How To Succeed In The Meth Business Without Really Trying

  2. Ironically, they really wanted Frankie Muniz to play Jesse.

  3. Maybe they were talking about John Cusack playing Walter White Jr. Wouldn’t that be bizarre, guys?

  4. Spoiler Alert: at the end of this season, Walter White converts to Judaism just for the jokes.

  5. #jackblack4walterwhite

  6. All Time Top Five Ways To Kill Your Drug Business Associate:
    5. Strangle to death with a bike lock that you had been using to keep him captive in your basement.
    4. Ricin
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    2. Take an antidote, then poison yourself along will the rest of your business associates at a party.
    And the number one all time way to kill your drug business associate is:
    1. Rigging a handicapped person with a bomb using the bell he uses to talk as a trigger.

  7. Kelly would change her alternate casting tune if Walter was played by Vincent Gallo and Skyler was played by Blake Lively.

  8. They actually said JOAN Cusack. It would have been a much different show.

  9. “My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Mr. White at Hector Salamanca’s nursing home last night.”

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