Louis C.K. was on The Daily Show last night and he, among other things, clarifies the Daniel Tosh Twitter @ Reply of 2012. (Also says some very true things about comedians and bloggers.) (This guy!)

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  1. ‘Sorry this video is unavailable from your location’

    Damn dirigible carrying the betamax cassette downunder musta got blown off course again.

  2. The fuck, it’s on the front page of thecomedynetwork.ca but when you click it says “this video is not available” … I can only imagine this is because it’s crashed due to all the Canadian CK fans desperately trying to rescue their estimation of him? (Guilty)

    • It doesn’t help that, in addition to not showing the video, there are also like A TON of Tosh.0 adds all over the page. Good work on the targetted marketing job guys!

  3. I’m sure Louis C.K. was thinking “F me, what are the chances? I send a shout out to Tosh the day after he does this?”

    On a related note, that’s why I never give Twitter shout outs. Or take “vacations from the internet.”

    • I read this before watching the video, and that’s ACTUALLY what’s supposed to have happened? I’m not sure I buy it, but I guess it’s either true or he felt enough heat to claim it was. Also, he still ends by saying rape jokes are hilarious and it’s okay for men to disregard women’s feelings, so there’s that…

      • But he doesn’t say those things at the end, at least not in the way you have paraphrased him. I think this whole thing is a good lesson about Louis C.K. not being some great lay philosopher, but rather just a good comedian. People needed to be reminded of that. In the beginning of the interview, it seems like he might be cravenly parroting some convenient story written by a PR agent, although it’s impossible to know for sure, but by the end I think he successfully walks a fine line between good humor and bad taste that is a comedian’s obligation.

  4. Love this so much, as the Louis CK shaped egg on Videogum’s face continues to grow. No wonder they never want to talk about this subject any more. Especially the part where he says blogs are “hyperbolic and uneducated” HAHAHAHAHAHA. So true!!! Just like how Videogum cynical claimed that Louis CK only defended Tosh out of a comedian bro code and not because he genuinely liked Tosh, as there was no conceivable way that their hero could like somebody that they didn’t. Some fans.

    • We gotta move on, dude.

    • Whoops, r-joke. Better boycott humor that makes light of it. Sorry AR, we at Videogum will miss you.

      • Why the negative rating? He makes a good point. This whole site loves Louis CK to the point of having a Louis CK Promise, so I assume many of you have seen his specials. I don’t recall anyone saying “hey, this Louis CK is funny in general, but I really can’t approve of his rape jokes.” Its all just hypocritical nonsense. Jokes about rape can be funny, just like jokes about war, disease, racism, abuse, alcoholics, necrophilia, etc. Making a joke about something awful doesn’t mean you’re condoning it.

        Isn’t the intent behind the joke what matters, anyway? I find Daniel Tosh’s humor to be mean-spirited, and I didn’t think his “joke” was funny. “Wouldn’t it be funny if she got raped by five guys right now?” Nope. Not really! And since it was not a bit, and was directed at an individual, presumably to get back at her for heckling, its hard for it not to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Boo, Daniel Tosh!

        But its still okay to make jokes about rape, and this scene from Arrested Development is a good example. We’re really just arguing over what constitutes a bad rape joke versus a good one.

  5. I don’t believe him, guys, sorry.

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