Everything’s going fine. You wake up on time without the aid of an alarm. In place of your french press you find a drip coffee machine, somehow, that has been programmed to brew your coffee just as you awake. The breakfast options currently available to you actually seem desirable. You’ve remembered to do your laundry yesterday and today you have seemingly endless outfit options. The cap is in place on your toothpaste from the night previous. Your towel is hung and dry. The website you read has a normal video for you to watch. Everything’s going fine. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. The cat lifted off without its rockets firing. This video is unrealistic!

  2. Everything looks completely Nermal to me.

  3. LSD for breakfast!

  4. I was wondering about that toothpaste cap, actually.

  5. I watched this without sound, so I was just imagining the Power Rangers theme song playing in the background.

  6. Kelly, you’ve just made me depressed about how mundane and ordinary and lame my mornings, my life is………. wait, what is this video?

  7. That is a well trained cat.

  8. that is just classic Michael right there.

  9. This video ends too suddenly. I want to know more about that cat! Where is he going in that suit? Rare miss, Michael.

  10. With the stretching and ice cream and craziness, this is like a feline CGI Adventure Time.

  11. Honestly I needed this today. Thank you website I read, for this normal video to watch.

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