What do you want to do? You can do it! Want to design a line of designer wallets for dogs? You can do it! Want to break a world record for the most soup eaten in one sitting? You can do it! Whatever your goals are, you can achieve them, you just have to believe in yourself. Want to start your own podcast where you interview stand up comedians about what it’s like be a stand up comedian interviewed on a podcast about what it’s like to be a comedian interviewed on a podcast about what their dad was like? You can do it! Want to climb a mountain wearing nothing but Flea’s stuffed animal pants from the “Higher Ground” video and a Bill Cosby sweater? You can do it! Want to launch your own sock line? You can do it! Want to watch every episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in a row so that you can really understand what went wrong with Rob’s sock line so that when you try and launch your own sock line you don’t make the same mistakes? You can do it! Want to eat more hot dogs than the guy who ate the most hot dogs and why is that still a thing, I’m asking you since you want to get involved? You can do it! Want to just climb up the door frame in your pajamas while your dad videotapes you on your phone? Put some pillows on the floor, but you can do it. Not too high! But yes!

That’s it? Well, you did it! (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. Haters gonna not be able to do it.

  2. No offense Gabe, but… Aren’t these posts you’re making today getting in the way of finishing your Breaking Bad recap?

  3. my brittle old people ankles are screaming at me for even watching this.

  4. Can someone invent an app that yells at you every time you try to record a video vertically? please?

    Also, cute kid and such.

  5. I wanna be this cool:

  6. Every time I see this spambot it takes me a beat longer than it should to actually understand the URL. This time I was like: “A gel o v e r? What does that mean?” until my brain properly processed it as Age-lover.
    Still not checking it out, though.

  7. Some youtube entertainment:


  8. I also did this as a child… But now I’m too big. Maybe I should get a giant door.

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