• A new Man of Steel poster was released at Comic-Con over the weekend. Really great. You can really tell that the movie is going to be about the character Superman from the poster, and that is why it works so well. -LaughingSquid
  • Sarah Silverman is doing a thing. You’ll see. Put your headphones and your computer screen blocker on if you’re at work and watch the video about it. -ScissorSheldon
  • Jon Glaser is the sole star of the new Guided By Voices video, and Jon Glaser is very wonderful so you should prob head over to Stereogum and check it out. What a treat! -Stereogum
  • And here’s another treat from Stereogum! Fiona Apple is on Marc Maron’s podcast this week! She’s wonderful and also definitely crazy but super wonderful and you guys love Marc Maron; it’s a match made in Match Heaven. -Stereogum
  • Seth MacFarlane says he’s “open” to making a Ted 2. Sooooo. Congratulations, what a big day for you! So many adventures to come! -Movieline
  • In other Comic-Con news, apparently the Big Bang Theory had a contest where the prize was that they would send you to space? And they’ve chosen the woman they’re sending to space? And it’s real? -Deadline
  • Here is a video of Bob Ross’s son, Steve Ross. He is also a painter. You also love him. -HyperVocal
  • Oh my goodness, this story is about how Katie Holmes should adopt a shelter dog rather than a dog from a store, which is the story that gets passed around by The Shelter whenever a celebrity goes to a pet store, but the best part about it is LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF SAD SURI CRUISE AND A PUPPY! -Dlisted
  • Uh-oh, looks like Brendan Fraser isn’t living the perfect life everyone assumed and beat up a movie producer! Brendaaaaaaan! -FilmDrunk
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  1. I didn’t know what scissoring was until today. Seems like a very basic sex act not to know at 26 years old?

    Also, if you’re my eighth grade health teacher reading this semi-anonymous comment on this medium-size pop culture blog – when I asked if boys worried about having ejaculations at school, I meant erections! I know that made you very uncomfortable, but I have since learned the difference.

  2. Ok this has nothing to do with anything, but right in front of my hotel here in Pittsburgh is……now don’t be too jealous….The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!!! I swear.

  3. Does anyone want another Superman movie? I know people felt this way about the new Spider-Man but there have been maybe ten thousand more movies and live-action TV shows about Superman at this point. Does anyone even like Superman?

    • I wouldn’t scissor him, if that’s what you’re asking.

    • The short answer is Time Warner thinks enough people around the world do for it to be worth their while. TW wants their superheroes (DC) to be making money hand over fist like Disney’s (Marvel). But DC has had a spotty at best track record. Nolan’s Batman trilogy is coming to a close, and TW has made misstep after misstep with Green Lantern, Jonah Hex, Superman Returns, etc. (Yet they’re still pressing for sequels on a lot fo these properties), so Superman will probably their first step into a larger DC cinematic universe, with Green Lantern being their Ang Lee’s Hulk (or Letterier’s Incredible Hulk, take your pick).

      Where Marvel amped up Avengers with the 5 films that preceded it, DC wants their characters to stand alone in blockbuster films AND make mega-bucks too with an ensemble cast Justice League film. That means rebooting Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and whoever else (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, etc) into a shared cinematic DC universe like Marvel did. I know, I know.

      I’ve read rumors that TW is going to try and do the Justice League film sooner than later, and then try and do spin off titles with the members of the League, which doesn’t make that much sense when you look at films that have done that already (Daredevil begat Elektra, X-Men begat X-Men Origins: Wolverine, etc). I could be wrong, as I didn’t absorb any news that came out of SDCC this past weekend, so my facts aren’t up to date

      The reason Avengers made a boat-load of cash was because it was led up to by all those other films. DC either doesn’t have the time to make the individual films first, or doesn’t want to take the time becaus ethey feel the spin-off system will meet their goals, but they do want a Justice League movie, and Snyder’s Superman is their first stake in the ground.

      • Yeah, I’ve already heard that an “Avengers” style “Justice League” universe is what DC is banking on. I’d rather hoped that Green Lantern AND that other Superman reboot from a few years ago were going to be their two Hulk movies and they would move on to someone else.

        I think what DC is missing in their race to “Avenger” up their Justice League pantheon is that besides trying with the Green Lantern, they’re still leaning heavily on the two characters who everyone outside the comic book fandom already knows and (despite my joke) loves. DC needs to try to promote another Justice League character on the same level as Batman and Superman. I mean, surely Wonder Woman has been embedded into culture enough by now to give her a shot at a movie? Marvel turned Iron Man from a character no one outside of comic book fans really knew to a huge cultural landmark with one great movie.

        I guess I’m saying I want them to take a chance on someone else first since I think Superman is beyond well trod territory.

      • What’s the long answer?

    • I have never seen a Superman movie so I don’t know, but I’m gonna see this one because of Michael Shannon.

    • The difference between Superman and Spider-Man as franchises is that Superman Returns was totally botched in concept and execution, so rebooting it kind of makes sense. The only good Superman films are the first two with Christopher Reeves and those are over 30 years old.

      Superman an iconic, archetypal character and resonates with lot of people. There’s the potential for a really great, modern set of films if handled correctly. I don’t know if Zack Snyder is the right man for the job, but I’m willing to wait and see.

    • I’ve never personally liked Superman and adding Zack Snyder to the mix just makes me think it will bomb. The guy has one style of directing and personally I’m done with slow-motion action sequences set to rock music.

      Dear Zack Snyder: The first ten minutes of Watchmen was brilliant. You should’ve retired after that.

  4. AHHH THAT PICTURE OF SURI AND THE PUPPY!! I usually don’t feel right looking at pictures of celeb kids but holy goodness are those some cute pictures. Sorry Katie! Sorry Suri! You’re too cute!

  5. —–Agelover .COM —–


  6. So I can meet the man of my dreams at Agelover .COM and then have Taxi Dave party drive us home. Sounds like a win-win.

  7. Whoa, did anyone else know that Superman was into latex?

  8. brendan fraser beat up a producer….i have nothing for this but “something, something furry vengeance, something, something brooke shields.”

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