What? It’s a party! Don’t you like to have fun at the party? Put your game face on. And also your game butt and game penis. These balloons aren’t going to squish themselves. Two points to the blue team. Ref calls foul on the chair. (See also: in Russia, party games YOU joke from a blog post in 2007.) WE HAVE A WEINER! (What if this post never ended?) #party #games #twitter (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. i suppose this is what happens when your vodka drinking contests your only other national party game proves too deadly.

  2. [Something about pricking a balloon.]

  3. Was this filmed at The Max from Saved By The Bell?

  4. It goes without saying that I’m wearing my game penis.

  5. Also, why are there children in this video? Especially that one in the first minute who crosses the screen with a long cylindrical balloon?

  6. I don’t have the mental energy to find the boner joke. Can I get some assistance?

  7. In Russia spring breaks you.

  8. The guys just need to tell the women they can do it (if they put their back in to it).

  9. …And for the third year in a row, “Needle-Dick” Johnson won again.

  10. I guess We Dare was never released in Russia?

  11. I just want to bring this fact to everyone’s attention: this is the second time VG has shown us a Russian video on a Monday. I’m fairly frightened.

  12. Innocent fun at the Tosh family reunion.

  13. wow, Russian family reunions are… uh… interesting.

  14. Icebreaker babymaker

  15. That poor child in the background is going to grow up with some very confusing notions about adult intimacy.

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