The Obama campaign released a new Mitt Romney attack ad this weekend and IT IS A DOOSEY. Everyone is talking about it! Are you talking about it? What did your Facebook post say? (Mitt Romney also just released a similar one. It isn’t as much of a doosey!)

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  1. Nobel peace prize, my ass.

  2. Each candidate will continue to release videos of each other singing until the election which will take place at a karaoke bar. A live sing off, winner takes the presidency.

  3. Obama just did the straight equivalent of these:

  4. Ugh, gross. The US has been signing Free Trade Agreements for decades, and it’s not going to stop. This is so disingenuous. (To be fair, Obama is the most protectionist president in 30 years, breaking those FTAs in the process).

  5. I’m probably slightly biased, but damn that was an effective ad.

    His point was to show that Romney is a terrible singer, right?

  6. *golf applause*

  7. If it turns out that Bane kills Batman, Romney doesn’t have a chance in hell.

  8. I would like to spend a month at one of Mitt’s tax shelters. Maybe more than a month. I just want to live on a Caribbean beach for a little while. Ideally the French side of St. Martin, but I guess the Caymens will do too.

  9. *DOOZY

  10. Can we all just be honest and admit that both ads are probably completely accurate in both their facts and their conclusions, or is that too pessimistic?

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