It’s a fresh new week full of countless fresh new experiences that our tiny little brains in our big fat heads can’t, at this moment, even imagine. It’s time to wake up, dust off your old bodies, drink some coffee, and attack the playground of sound and vision and imagination and fart noises that is the world. Turn those frowns upside downs, babies. Let’s get ready to MOOOOOOONNDAAAAAAAAAAY! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. The Michelin Man sure was cute as a baby.

  2. Best “Call Me Maybe” cover yet.

  3. I said/sang the title to the tune of Ice Cube’s Today Was a Good Day.

  4. is the the new trailer for Baby Thor? looks good!

  5. Nice camera work, Scorsese.

  6. As you can see, Adam Sandler’s obsession with fart jokes started at a very early age.

  7. No! It’s already a bad day, courtesy of the jag who sat next to me on the train. Pro tip: when the person next to you scoots as close to the edge of their seat as possible, it is NOT an invitation to get even more up in their personal space than you already were!

    Anyway, nice try, cute baby.

  8. This is about all my Pitchfork addled brain can handle today. I hope no one expects me to do work today.

  9. Step Up 5 The Fart Noises

  10. this is just great political commentary

  11. Nice try Kelly. You might has well have just labelled this video ‘Just A Normal Baby Video With No Surprises’.

    ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me…You can’t get fooled again.’ – some famous guy

  12. We all just learned something; baby talk sounds like farts in Russian.

    Who knew that our butts were bilingual?

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