• BREAKING BAD‘S ON THIS WEEKEND, GUYS! Obviously we are all going to watch it and then come back here on Monday and talk about it, but in case you need a quick refresher, here is a quick refresher. -SlateV
  • I know that I just said I didn’t want to talk about Daniel Tosh anymore, and I really mean it, but this article talks about the struggle the producers and editors of his new pilot are having, explaining, “Everyone is freaking out, because most of the pilot is about rape.” Very, very good. -Gawker
  • Charlie Sheen is off of Twitter, you guys. Time to cancel your Twitters. It was fun while it lasted, but every good thing must come to an end, and now this good thing is dead and gone. R.I.P. -TMZ
  • But as one good thing dies out the door, another must fly in the window, and that good thing is here in the form of being able to buy your own Ted teddy bear for a mere $60! We’re all a bunch of lucky ducks, here on Earth. -PopCultureBrain
  • You can watch “Talking Funny,” the HBO special featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis C.K., and Ricky Gervais, online now if you want to! -Vulture
  • Everyone wants to name their baby after a TV character because everyone is the worst one. -FilmDrunk
  • Have any of you been watching Amy Poehler’s new “Smart Girls” series? I’ve seen a bit of it and, this might not be received very well, but I am not a fan? Then again, I am not the target audience of girls 10-12 years younger than I am. So maybe that is why. WHAT DO U THINK? -HyperVocal
  • Might Mariah Carey be replacing Jennifer Lopez on American Idol?! Might your world be ROCKED TO THE CORE ABOUT IT? -Dlisted
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  1. just a heads up: Breaking Bad season 4 is supposed to be going on Netflix Sunday so I’ll see you all then watching it all day long

  2. I watched Talking Funny online a while ago, and wasn’t really impressed by anyone other than Louis CK. I couldn’t have been the only one? Gervais laughs too loudly and too often to be genuine, Rock seems kind of uncomfortable and maybe a little shy (?) the whole time, and Seinfeld just talks about how he is a legend. I’m not a big stand-up fan in general though, but thought I might like it as it’s unscripted etc, so maybe I just wasn’t the target audience? Just me? Guys?

    • i largely agree.

      As for Rock, I just think he’s way more low key than his stage persona, so any time he’s himself it always comes off as quiet.

      Seinfeld was somewhat interesting when talking about why he doesn’t curse.

      But other than that Gervais and Louis CK dominate the rest of it, and for very different reasons. CK, because he’s so thoughtful, incredibly insightful, and intelligent when it comes to anything, but here particularly his approach to comedy.

      Gervais, self serving prick that he is, sits around with 3 of the best and most successful comedians of all time, and acts like he’s one of them. and he even admits that he just started doing theater appearances after he was famous and acting like he’s a developed craftsmen. that and he’s obnoxious as fuck.

  3. “Gatsby” is trending as a name? Congratulations, parents who never finished the book (and haven’t seen any of the movie adaptations yet). You didn’t find out the character is shot to death in his swimming pool (spoiler alert for an 87-year-old book!).

    • Don’t get me wrong, this is awful for lots of reasons, but the fact that the character dies doesn’t really seem like one of them.

    • i knew a guy in college who referred to his apartment as “West Egg” and named his cavachon “Gatsby” THE WORST.

    • I just assumed that they hated their children. That’s why I am planning on naming any future childrentables Dumbledore Tables, Richard III Tables, and Rochester’s Attic Wife Tables.

    • Does this mean Brayden, Catelyn, Jayden, Aidlyeen and whatever else is like that is off the list? I want to punch every person who name their kid that crap.

      All my kids are getting named George Foreman and that’s final.

      • Actually my neighbors’ amazing little girl is named Esme, which was a great name when she was born… 8 years ago. Then those horrible books came out and now… yeah. Kid is awesome. She plays Dr. Who outside my office window. Very smart, very cool, very adorable. Taught me how to get the cherries out of my cherry tree and offers to hold my dog while I do stuff like weed my lawn or pick cherries from my tree or clean my car.

        But man oh man, that’s some bad timing.

  4. I’m curious as to why you don’t like Smart Girls? My heart felt warmed that an awesome and successful adult woman was opening herself up for answering questions from girls.

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