NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I mean, ok, first let me explain. Last night on Letterman, Anne Hathaway was on to get the word out about Dark Knight Rises. Sounds fine so far, right? WELL JUST WAIT ONE SECOND. Then David Letterman, who has already SEEN the movie, MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SPOILED THE ENDING OF IT FOR THE REST OF US! First you didn’t get the limited edition Damages pen you were waiting ALL DAY FOR at Comic-Con, and now this? THE WORLD TRULY IS A VAMPIRE, MR. CORGAN! Here is the report of the Late Night Blunder, UP UNTIL the maybe spoiler, which you can read after the jump IF YOU WANT TO RUIN YOUR LIFE. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Never one to stick to much of a script (or care much about what anyone else thinks), the late night icon was in the midst of a lively chat with Anne Hathaway about her role in the upcoming caped crusader blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises, when he let slip what could be the spoiler of the summer. After offering high praise for the final chapter in the latest Gotham saga (qualified by warning viewers about its 2:45 run time), Letterman then said…


…”Of course, Batman is dead in the end,” a line that seemed to leave Hathaway temporarily shocked.

The pair quickly recovered, as Hathaway admonished him with an exaggerated “Daaaave” and the host laughed and swore that, no, Bruce Wayne does not perish. In fact, the Oscar-nominated actress played the entire situation quite well, telling Letterman that he had no idea the wrath he had just incurred, and issuing an apology to director Christopher Nolan.

Aside from all of the exaggerated capitals, it actually is kind of shitty? Like, not to say “of course he dies at the end,” but to say that as a joke? Meaning, like, he obviously DOESN’T die at the end? OR MAYBE HE DOES DIE IN THE END AND HE WAS BEING GENUINE THERE, AND THEN TRIED TO COVER IT UP WITH WHAT COULD BE SEEN AS ANOTHER SPOILER? What a jerk! Why would you do that, you jerk! I hope he does still die at the end. I hope this was all planned just to make it more shocking when he DOES die. That would be satisfying. Otherwise I AM ACTUALLY A LITTLE UPSET. I’m sorry if you read this but I gave you fair warning! If you want to see a silly show’s recap of the incident, here is that:


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  1. But Hines Ward is ok, right?

  2. Surprisingly I was more annoyed with Anne when I watched this. So fake and pretentious.

    • That’s her, always, in my experience. I am disappointed that she’s in this movie, because I always find her acting annoying as well. I feel she’s really self-conscious/self-aware in most of the things I’ve seen her in, like she’s “ACTING!” instead of being a character. But maybe she’s gotten better?
      At least her hair looks nice?

      • Yeah it’s irritating how everyone’s all agog at OMG SHE’S IN A LEATHER OUTFIT!!!!!! when there’s basically a one-hundred percent chance that she’s going to be a giant shitty blemish on an otherwise excellent film.

    • Are we supposed to like her? Seriously, I’m asking.

    • She gives me high school drama club PTSD.

  3. “YIIIIIKES!” Hahaha. Anyhow I’m more interested in who spoiled Ann’s haircut.

  4. Big fan of Lauren Zima. Bigger fan of her family’s work in the beverage world.

  5. AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAAAAH! Now I am in nerd speculation mode! AND BATMAN BEING DEAD DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN BRUCE WAYNE WILL ALSO BE DEAD! AAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH I shudder to think about how Comic Con is doing with this situation. My thoughts and prayers go out to them at this time.

  6. Our generation’s Snape kills Dumbledore

  7. This reminds me of the time my friend spoiled the ending of Their Eyes Were Watching God and said he was kidding, but then halfway through the book there was a tiny foreshadowing that made it so obvious he was not, and I can’t believe I’m still friends with this guy because that was the worst.

  8. He was distracted by Anne Hathaway’s horrible new haircut. Why does she want to look like Winona Ryder circa ’94?

  9. Anne Hathaway has boobies :)

  10. man or women every one is confused

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