Hey, Robots! Are you tired of only looking almost human, but not human enough for a REAL human to fall in love with you and slowly, as you get to know each other, give you each and every secret you need to devise a plan for all-human domination? Believe me, you’re not the only one! There are millions of robots just like you, desperately seeking that last thread of humanness necessary to inflict your cold, bloody, robot will upon the masses, and a scientist at the University of Pisa may have found something to help! From Gizmodo:

To create a robot we are more likely to accept, life-like expressions are vital. That’s why Nicole Lazzeri at the University of Pisa, Italy, and her colleagues have designed a “Hybrid Engine for Facial Expressions Synthesis” (HEFES) – a facial animation engine that gives realistic expressions to a humanoid robot called FACE.

FACE’s appearance is modelled on one of the team’s wives. “It’s really realistic,” says Lazzeri, who presented the work at BioRob in Rome last month.

“OOoooooohh. HUMAN-Y.” – Pee Wee Herman. Let’s see how this thing works!

Get your own HEFES today, Robots, and finally reach the level of fake and super creepy and definitely-looks-like-someone-you-know human you desire. And then take over the world and murder us all or at the very least turn us into slaves, because how could this human be an untrustworthy robot if it does the disgust face so well? SURE I’LL GIVE YOU OUR SECRETS! (Via Gizmodo.)

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  1. *takes Realdoll out to the dumpster*

  2. So, this is basically a more advanced version of a 1980s life-sized muppet mask? Great, can’t wait to see it replaced by CGI.

  3. Is it just me or did they model FACE after Sean Penn in that rock star/Nazi-hunter movie?

  4. Don’t forget Anjelica Huston!

  5. So that’s where David learned it!

  6. Alas my troubles are over!

    “I’m not a mouth-breather, I’m just really easily amazed!” – Me to all of those jerks

  7. Nightmare imagery updated! #NightmareGum

  8. this is some wacky music

  9. When do we get to the point where we can have a sassy vindictive David!? I want to play racquetball with David!

  10. I can’t help but think that one day we will discover the secret to Strong AI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strong_ai). Then a robot with full emotional capacity reads this comment thread or others like it, thinks we’re all racists, and starts a war of robo-genocide because of his/her/its hurt feelings.

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