At this point, the only people who still need to weigh in are your mom, Barack Obama, and Dan Harmon.

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  1. And mothertables also breaks her silence on the issue, saying “What’s a tosh? This better not be like when you called because a clown was looking at you funny. Did your car break down? I’m at work, call your father if you need a ride.”

    • When he sees the show on the TV guide, my father refers to it as “Tosho.” Which sounds like some kind of Sanrio character. Which, don’t we all wish that were the case?

    • Mom jeans (oh she will not like that name at ALL) weighed in on this as well with a “Who? Oh, THAT ASSHOLE? I hope he loses his job. Why isn’t Reno 911! on but this garbage is?”

      All valid points, mom.

  2. Like anyone would want to R them.

  3. Really excited to hear what Ahmadinejad has to say about all this.

  4. The View has got to be one of the worst things to happen to television, women, and conversation all rolled up into one. I’ve only ever seen clips, but it seems like it’s just a bunch of hysterical women yelling over one another? Am I wrong? The View and its ilk are the reasons why some people still don’t think women can have valid political opinions and participate in “grown-up” conversation. Rikki Lake was more intellectually valid than this show. AND in Cry Baby.

  5. Is this the thing that’s finally going to tear this nation asunder?

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