This whole week seems to have been focused on different people arguing about their right to be shitty to other people, and I have to say guys, it has been kind of a downer. Hard to have a nice night hanging out with your pals when your day was spent digging deep into celebrity hate bloopers, and you know the next day will probably bring more of the same! Is this what it’s like to work at a health insurance company? My goodness. How do people do it??? I used to have a job where I had to tell people that the concert they wanted to go to was sold out and THAT WAS BAD ENOUGH! (One time a lady told me she was going to CALL THE POLICE because she couldn’t get the tickets she wanted to see Tracy Morgan.) Anyway, I think we could ALL use a little slice of goodness and happiness or at least non-awful this afternoon. Huh? I think so. Here is a video from some people who fulfilled the very sweet wish of their deceased family member.

Phew. Deep breath. We’re all gonna be ok, maybe, unless we’re not. Either way. Keep on trucking. Don’t tread on us. Tip your waitresses. Share the $500 with the kitchen, but only if you want to. (Via Gawker.)

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  1. Are we really gonna just let it pass that the name of this restaurant is Puccini’s Smiling Teeth? I guess Verdi’s Painted Toenails must have already been taken.

  2. You just know there was some waitress there who saw all those kids coming in and told the hostess to seat them at Becky’s section at table 9. Joke’s on her.

  3. Fanning oneself in a situation like this is the BEST!

  4. Man, I needed that. I’m just gonna sit back, drink some cold water, eat this doughnut my boss brought in, and watch this and the shark video on a continuous loop forever before I Eternal Sunshine this week from my brain.

  5. I guess this is better than the old people that come in and hand you a 5% tip wrapped in a pamphlet about how women who paint their faces are still harlots in the eyes of jesus. I GUESS.

  6. This is the best idea for a memorial I think I’ve ever heard. ” ….being of sound mind and body, I hereby direct my heirs to leave $500 tips at pizza parlors in my name ad infinitum.”

  7. That waitress is very pretty for an accidental star in a popular youTube video.

  8. Excellent. Awesome counter-programming! Great job, Kelly; great job, that guy and his family; great job, waitress; and great job, guys who gave me a $50 tip on a $20 bill once! Just great job all around!

  9. Is anyone else having trouble posting?

  10. Awesome counter-programming! Great job, Kelly; great job, that guy and his family; great job, waitress; and great job, guys who gave me a $50 tip on a $20 bill once! Just great job all around!

  11. This is great, but think of the poor waitress who is going to have to deal with Daniel Tosh’s last wishes after he dies.

  12. here’s a big tip your brother should’ve given out: lose the hat.

    • You know, I’ve seen this mentioned in quite a few comments on this video. I was raised by a Super Manners mom – no elbows on the table, napkin in the lap, no phone at dinner (in public too no duh). I had no idea this remove your hat at the table thing was such a big deal! It may be because we are a house of ladies and not fellas and hats weren’t really an issue with our particular set of ladies? My dad for sure takes his hat off when it’s eatin’ time, to the point where he complains to the server if there is no hat rack in a restaurant (OMG DAAAAAAD YOU’RE EMBARRASSING MEEEEE).
      All this is to say, I am quite proud there are so many gentlemen in our generation’s midst :)

  13. What is wrong with that waitress? She is WAY TOO CALM. I have worked that kind of menial job before and I would have lost my mind if someone handed me $500 and didn’t immediately threaten to take it away or demand unsavory favors. But no, this girl just nods and says “Oh my goooooood,” really slowly and in a low voice. Where is the shrieking and the tears? She disappoints me.

  14. The family actually racked up a $10,000 bill, so the tip was pretty skimpy.

  15. this is the pizza place we get pizza from. not the one across town, but literally the one we order from all the times. they are all really nice peoples. it’s a small internets after all

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