• Darren Aronofsky tweeted this photo from the set of Noah. Pretty cool, right! Look at that thing! Wood! Can’t wait! -DarrenAronofsky
  • Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Paul Reubens (or maybe Jimmy Fallon AS Paul Reubens?) (tough to say) (tough to say because everyone is saying a different thing) overdubbed the Dark Knight Rises trailer as Pee Wee Heman, and it is very, very good. I don’t necessarily believe that watching any video is going to make anyone feel dramatically better than what they’re feeling currently, but maybe this one will help a little bit, if you’re feeling down. -LateNight
  • Hey, want to see something awful? OH, GOOD! Here is a video showing what the venom from this kind of snake does to blood. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to watch something terrifying and gross. -BlameItOn
  • Hey all you Dish guys out there, it looks like you’re going to be able to see the first episode of Breaking Bad after all! AMC is going to be streaming it on its site. Phew. PHEW. -Uproxx
  • Jason Biggs seems like a terrible person to have to be around. -FilmDrunk
  • Kristen Wiig is going around saying that she always knew she was going to leave SNL after 7 years, and it doesn’t have anything to do with her successful movie career. Why, though? Why, Kristen? Because of superstition? Because why? Are you lying to us? -HuffingtonPost
  • Tom Cruise is going to sue the National Enquirer. Sure. Probably everyone should? -Dlisted
  • HyperVocal has put together a list of their 20 best reoccurring jokes from Arrested Development. I have a reoccurring joke in my own life where I never know when anyone is quoting Arrested Development, even though I have seen every episode multiple times. Life! -HyperVocal
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  1. Hah! I dropped Dish and signed up for DirectTV (their main rival) on Tuesday. Saving about $20 a month, too. I told Dish that it was because they were dropped AMC, too.

    So basically I’m the hero that got the rest of you Dish subscribers your Breaking Bad episode. Basically.

  2. I already saw Evan Almighty.

  3. I really hope Aronofsky has the ark built to the original, Biblical dimensions and there’s a scene where they get done loading 1% of species pairs into the thing.

    NOAH: Ohhhhh… shit. Sorry, we’re like, soooo packed right now. My bad, I thought I’d be able to fit all you guys on here.
    DINOSAUR LIVING WITH HUMANS: Seriously? So we’re just all gonna drown here cause humans are fucking assholes and that guy wanted to kill fucking everything?
    NOAH: Look, I don’t make the rules. Dude up there told me to build this thing, gave me the blueprints and everything, and said to load everyone up. What do you want me to do? Kick the platypus out? Those things are adorable!

    The story of Noah’s Ark was like a poorly planned party for genocide. I’m just glad Aronofsky’s including six-armed giants to make it seem more realistic.

    • My question is, what about the aquatic mammals? Blue whales, for example, would probably be all “You know what, Noah, thanks a bunch but we’re actually sorta okay with this. Hey, more room for the centaurs, am I right?”

      • After twelve-plus years of creationist “education”, I can say that the ‘correct’ answer is this: 95% of found fossils were sea-dwelling creatures and the Great Flood mashed them together in a way that, 5500 years later, accounts for some of the fossils that we, as fallible humans, date incorrectly.

        Does this sound illogical and at odds with what we now know with regards to carbon 14? Well, you’re probably going to hell. Are you planning on higher-ed and planning to learn more about this? Well, you’re probably going to hell.

    • I was kind of hoping it would be like that Ricky Gervais joke where all of the animals just eat each other.

      You know, that one joke that we all got the first time but Ricky decided to repeat ad nauseum for at least half of his stand-up special? yeah, that joke.

  4. I have nothing to add but this gif from the ESPYs. Oh look everyone, it’s my husbands Joel McHale and Rob Riggle seesawing.

  5. Re: the snake video. Nature is amazing/the worst.

  6. I know science already ruined batman this week so i hate to break this to you but that blood treated with snake venom looks an awful lot like blood that’s been left in a plastic cup for a minute. Don’t ask me how i know that.

  7. Bill Cosby’s bit on Noah was (and still is) awesome.

    “What’s a cubit?”


  8. Some youtube entertainment:


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