In case you were wondering whether Nancy Grace was still the worst, or if maybe somehow something had changed while you weren’t paying attention and she is no longer the worst, today’s news confirms that no not even, she’s absolutely still the total worst. From the HuffingtonPost:

Nancy Grace is in the spotlight again following the suicide of a 29-year-old Minnesota mother of four who was recently featured on her television show.

According to the St. Paul Park Police Department, Toni Medrano, of Cottage Grove, Minn., died Saturday at a local hospital. It is believed Medrano’s death is the result of a July 2 incident in which she allegedly set herself on fire while visiting her mother’s St. Paul Park home.

Last month, Grace dubbed Medrano “vodka mom”, because the woman had allegedly killed her newborn after a night of heavy drinking.

Oh brother. What happened? Here is what happened:

“The baby is dead because of vodka mommy,” Grace said during her June 11 show on HLN. “I don’t care if she was driving a car, holding a pistol or holding a fifth of vodka. [It] doesn’t matter to me. The baby is dead at the hands of the mommy.”

According to the criminal complaint, a preliminary blood-alcohol test conducted by police showed Medrano’s level to be .11 percent, which is three points higher than the state’s legal driving limit.

An autopsy by the county medical examiner’s office determined Adrian Medrano had died of “asphyxia due to being laid upon while sleeping with an adult.”

In June, Medrano was charged with two counts of second-degree manslaughter. If convicted on both counts, Medrano would have faced a maximum of 10 years behind bars.

During her television show about the baby’s death, Grace said the charges filed against Medrano weren’t harsh enough.

“I don’t see how this whole thing was an accident and I want murder charges,” Grace said.

So, just to clarify: a woman with an obvious drinking tragically killed her own baby and was put on trial for it, and Nancy Fucking Grace used her bully pulpit, literally, to publicly harass and humiliate a devastated woman…for what end?! Nancy Grace is a former prosecutor (albeit not a very good one) so she should have at least a modicum of an idea of how the law works, and the law doesn’t change just because some asshole in a silk blouse is a jerk about it. Vilifying that poor woman was never going to bring the baby back to life. It was never going to make people stop have drinking problems or make bad decisions. Horrible things will continue to happen in this world regardless of Nancy Grace’s shrieking no matter what, but the shrieking is clearly not helping. The worst! She’s a bad person! Fair enough, there’s lots of bad people, but do they all have to get a TV show? Let’s just take away her TV show! There, I said it, now make it happen. I clearly have about as much of an idea of how TV works as Nancy Grace does about justice. SUSTAINED! (“Thanks” for the tip, Amy.)

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  1. There’s no money in my moral outrage; I need a new moral outrage. Who wants to take over “There’s too much TV” for me while I go get a show titled “Let’s Drive Vodka Moms to Suicide”?

  2. She SET HERSELF ON FIRE. Holy shit. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of pain you’d have to be in to set yourself on fucking fire as an escape.

    • when I hear about parents who accidentally kill their children I always think about that Washington Post article about people who left their kids in hot cars and they died and how agonizing it was for everyone involved. this is a terrible week, you guys! Can we light this week on fucking fire?

      • It is a really bad week. Just a total parade of people I have strong negative feelings about, with a horrible dead infant tragedy on top.

    • It sounds like a penance. It wasn’t an escape – it was a punishment. Her suicide almost seems sadder than the death of her child. She could have used her trial, inevitable manslaughter conviction, and subsequent incarceration to turn her life around, but it sounds like guilt was already destroying her and the decision to appear on Nancy Grace’s show pushed her guilt over the edge into inescapable self-loathing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she used vodka to set herself on fire. I’m really sorry if that sounds morbid, but Morbidity is the garage in which Grace parks her car every night.

      Grace is a fascinating look into how survivors of the violent inclinations of humans adapt to these traumatic experiences. She lost her husband (or fiance, can’t remember) to violence years ago and has since drowned every last thread of empathy from her system. She sees enemies anywhere she can. Her anger and suspicion is what’s granted her success in her career so it’s possible that she feels a pull to dwell in it, whether consciously or not. Her anger and readiness to place blame has become her persona. It’s an ongoing public tragedy of transference.

      If a standard studio movie was made about an identical character, the third act would consist of an interviewee committing suicide BY FUCKING FIRE, followed by introspection, followed by acceptance of a loved one’s murder, followed by acknowledgment of mistakes. Followed then by the protagonist quitting her job and working in the community, ready to begin the next act that we’ll probably never see. Starring Sandra Bullock, who would win an Oscar not entirely for her acting, but because the audience respected the arc of her character.

      I hope Nancy Grace can find the strength to be the protagonist and not the antagonist. I really hope she finds peace with her personal tragedy. And if she has already has and this is just a big show for ratings, I hope she knows that when she lies down at night.

  3. Is it asshole week?

  4. I don’t mean to complain, but is it just me or have we had a lot of very negative posts lately? Where are the 80s women telling me to believe in myself? Or the bicycle-riding kids also telling me to believe in myself? Or the cries, nay pleas for MORE SAND? That shark video really was (spoiler) the best so thank you for that….but all this nancy grace, rape, anti-gay marriage nonsense is a real downer. I’m only saying because I love you.

  5. Well, I’m sure she does have a modicum of an idea about how the law works. Unfortunately, she also has a modicum idea of how the minds of hysterical nutjobs work (inside information, so to speak), and how television ratings work, and how television rating effect her paycheck, and that pretty much renders her knowledge of the legal system effectively moot.

  6. I just watched the video for “Stolen Bikes” for the 20th time and now I feel much better.

  7. in some serious need of positivity. i feel like a dying giga-pet [remember those?] that just needs to be fed some good news.

  8. Good grief. And this is not the first time a mother has killed herself after appearing on Nancy Grace.

  9. “I bet she thinks that calling that woman “vodka mommy” was just hilarious, which just proves my point.” – Adam Carolla

  10. To be fair, Nancy Grace was probably just trying to help. Judging from a brief scan TV Guide, if the “Vodka Mommy” moniker had caught on, this lady probably would have wound up with her own reality show.

  11. Vodka Mom is a fun nickname. Casey Anthony is probably kicking herself in the ass she didn’t get bestowed that one.

  12. Whoa, that’s dark, man.

  13. The excellent documentary series The Staircase has Nancy Grace hating on this dude who is clearly innocent. Its a great series. Go rent it, rad stuff.

  14. Poor woman. .11 is not even that high. My BAC is probably .15 after 2 Zimas.

    Anyway, people accidentally smother their kids in bed all the time. There was an episode of Autopsy on HBO with Dr. Baden where some lady did it to 2 of her newborns.

    Nancy Grace should set herself on fire.

    • if the wizard of oz has taught me anything, is you can’t kill witches with fire, you either have to crush nancy grace with a house or splash water on her. i suggest both, just to be safe.

  15. When did being an asshole get confused with being forthright?

  16. SHA-ark!

  17. excuse me, madam defarge. why doesnt she give some fucking money to unicef or something instead of continuing to hold her candlelight vigils for caylee anthony and bitching about what terrible mothers everyone is?! she basically calls out for public execution against women who get manslaughter charges, and then just acts like men who murder children non-accidentally are just normal people getting a job done.


    “Hey, being pointlessly cruel to a woman who has suffered far too much isn’t enough. We should also get her damning nickname trending on Twitter.” – HLN’s social media guru


    • I almost got into a fight yesterday with a guy who said Wednesdays are better than Fridays. Like I was ready to throw down then he said it was just a joke so I yelled, “GOOD ONE, TOSH 3.0!” in his face and stormed off.

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