I clicked on this link of “The Most Memorable TV Moments Of The Past 50 Years” and it’s just 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. GAHHHH! Cooooool list! Fun. But what about when Ralph called him “Super Nintendo Chalmers”?!

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  1. My top ten:

    1. When Jesse took pep pills and ruined Hot Sundae’s chances at success
    2. The time Al Bundy didn’t want to have sex with Peggy. Haha what?!
    3. A very special Mr Belvedere where Wesley’s friend has AIDS.
    4. Columbo comes back for just one additional question and turns out he solved the case!
    5. An emergency in ER leads to a romantic tryst between two sexy doctors. STEAMY!
    6. 9/11
    7. The Olsen Twins have amnesia because of a horsing accident. Hilarious results!
    8. Every episode of Ned and Stacey
    9. An emergency at Grey’s anatomy leads to a hot rendezvous between two docs. (mc)STEAMY!
    10. The Breaker High/Jetsons crossover episode.

  2. Or Joe Millionaire’s “umh. (slurp)” adventure in the woods? The MOST memorable.

  3. Can I take a second to complain about the celeb bikini bodies ad? I’d rather something more dignified be on my computer screen when my boss walks by, which happened just now and I had to switch to my other tab Pokemon Tower Defense. Maybe like an ad for pie charts or something else businesslike and professional.

  4. It’s like the people who wrote this list don’t even remember Viva Laughlin!

  5. The Super Nintendo Chalmers reference makes my heart soar. To this day, that is how I pronounce superintendent.

  6. Here are some TV moments that stuck in MY head from childhood:
    1. Watching Enterprise crew members cut into a cake made out of Counselor Deanna Troi’s body on Star Trek: TNG.
    2.Also from the same ep. of TNG, watching Dr. Crusher drink from a straw out of Will Riker’s head.
    3.DJ Tanner getting beer sprayed all over her and Uncle Jesse thinking she had been drinking.
    4.Carol Seaver hooking up with a carnie for a night.
    5.The Even Stevens Musical’s number “We Went to the Moon in 1969.”
    6.Corey having a weird dream wherein Topanga disappears down an elevator shaft? Also “The Truman Show” episode.
    7. Koalawalla Land

  7. the war on terror is really a war on GREAT TELEVISION?

  8. cant wait for the hurricane katrina netflix series. still dont get why they canceled that show.

  9. does it bug anyone else that these are current events, not TV moments?

  10. This must be only the top moment in American television. Otherwise, #1 would be pretty much every second of every episode of Gimme Gimme Octopus.

  11. That list is bullshit.

  12. 1) Sandy Cohen formally adopts Ryan Atwood.
    2) Marissa Cooper passes out from mixing alcohol and painkillers in TIjuana, is found in an alleyway.
    3) Seth Cohen chooses Anna.
    4) Oh wait, no he doesn’t.
    5) Pre-fame The Killers perform future hits “Smile Like You Mean It” and “Mr. Brightside.”
    6) Seth Cohen/Summer Roberts upside-down Spiderman kiss in the rain.
    7) Kirsten Cohen has a drinking problem?!
    8) Ryan Atwood is angry at Trey Atwood, gives famous “All year I’ve tried to be a different person” speech.
    9) Marissa Cooper shoots Trey Atwood, everyone loves Imogen Heap.
    10) Marissa Cooper passes out from dying.

  13. My pick for the inevitable canadien version of this list is either the time are prime minister strangled a protestor http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WvjfJ6bAi0U or when the same prime minister took a pie in the face http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=obSuvLrijWo . I really miss voting for that man.

  14. If it’s going to be all depressing stuff, they should have at least included when Dudley was molested by WKRP’s Mr. Carlson on Diff’rent Strokes.

  15. Agh like every moment of Degrassi!

    That kid getting molested, Kathleen being a bitch and getting an eating disorder, gawd theres so many I cant ever remember them.

  16. Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

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