You hazy for this one, Chet.

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  1. That is one classy Applebee’s.

  2. Chet, do it better.

  3. Better? This video doesn’t have a single bikini model getting out of a pool.

  4. The real way to do it better is to listen to Krispy Kreme instead.

  5. Hey Chet, my alternate dimension grandfather called; he wants his knit cardigan back

  6. “You hazy for this one, Chet”


  7. I can’t tell if he does it better, because I think I had a seizure about half way.

    • Then you missed the end, when the track turns into a cover of “Raining Blood.” It was a jarring transition, but Chet pulled it off.

  8. Sorry Chet but this is kind of weak. Sort of like those people that commit suicide you were talking about…

  9. In my fantasy, Money Maker Mike crawls out from behind that weird modern sofa and silently murders Chet with a fire axe.

  10. Did anybody else notice that Chet Haze and Chelsea Peretti tweet at each other all the time?

    On a related note does anybody else have trouble distinguishing between Chelsea’s Funny, Sincere, Sarcastic, and High tweets?

    • I think Chelsea P. is one of those enigmatic kind of people that is simultaneously funny, sincere, sarcastic and high at every moment.

  11. Clearly not in on the joke yet.

  12. I enjoy the Chet Haze twitter feed. #time to get Hazed

  13. “Those parallel fourths in the chorus are UNACCEPTABLE” – my music theory teacher.

  14. get your fingers out of face chet!!! – my response to all that finger pointing and hand waving in the video.

  15. I could tell this video was going to be amazing by the long ass opening credits. Every good video has those.

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