The famous dorm room question: how do we even know that reality is real, man, maybe dreams are the true reality and what we think is reality is just a dream, pass that bong made out of a Pringles can was answered by Renee Descartes in 1647 in his Meditations on First Philosophy. (The basic argument revolves around questioning and mistrusting your senses, and he doesn’t get too far, and spends way too much time “proving” that God exists, but he does solve the dream thing by pointing out that our “perceived reality” has historical consistency–you wake up in the same room you went to sleep in, and you remember going to sleep in that room, my example–whereas dreams don’t have any consistency or memory whatsoever. Congrats. Drop out of school.) So, we kind of thought we had that one figured out, but this video of a girl doing 150 Pokemon voices in a row provides a brave new challenge to Cartesian orthodoxy. MAYBE WE ACTUALLY ARE DREAMING, BECAUSE THIS CAN’T BE REAL! But then if it is a dream, DO I NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL? Because clearly something must be broken in my brain. Either way, this makes me tired and I am ready to go back to bed!


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  1. Je pense danc comme si je ne existe pas

  2. Did anyone hope that this was a video of the girl and Descartes in a battle over who has the best pokemon voices? Because man, that sounds awesome.

  3. That was super ineffective.

  4. Martin Heidiglett #pokemonphilosophers

  5. As a person with a BA in Philosophy (ladies) I can state that Gabe is 100% correct about Descartes. Seriously pre-20th century philosophers, enough with the god stuff

  6. This girl could read the phone-book in all the Pokemon voices and I would watch that.

  7. I’ve never been so attracted to someone of the opposite sex before.

  8. I would mock this girl with something about being your girlfriend.

    But in high school I knew the entire Sailor Moon “transformation” sequence. Take that for what you will.

  9. Descartes fainted!

  10. Gabe, you are not dreaming. This is pretty much what youTube was made for.

  11. Actually, Descartes points out in the Meditations that he could be wrong, that a “demon” could be controlling everything he senses about the world, and he never actually refutes his own point there, so it’s actually left more ambiguous and unsettled that the standard Descartes assumption would suggest.

    …Right, guys? Guys? Hey, wait up!

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