What? Martha Stewart got some new kittens, so here she is biting one of them on the face. What’s your deal? Haven’t you ever gotten a new pet? Maybe you don’t understand because you’ve just never gotten a new pet. I’m so sorry for you that you haven’t been able to experience the joys of biting your new pet on the face! At least we can ALL experience the joys of captioning this special, NORMAL, moment together.  Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and a bite on the face from Martha Stewart.* (Via Dlisted.)

*Probably not the second part, but who knows!
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  1. just another habit Martha picked up in prison!

  2. First she takes her dog to a fancy restaurant, now she bites her cat. We get it, Martha. You’re a dog person.

  3. it’s a new form of controlling pet behavior: insider training

  4. I had no idea Martha was from Melmac!

  5. Cat shouldn’t have picked meow for its safe word.

  6. Even more disturbing than Martha biting that cat’s face, is the other woman’s sheer glee at witnessing such an act. It’s like her own personal plastic bag floating in the wind.

  7. The lady on the left just learned that Martha Stewart is neither perceptive nor a lesbian.

  8. It is very hard to visit this site at work when there is a gigantic picture of bikini breasts. Can Videogum please only advertise for Staples or other office related materials? Yes? Thank you.

  9. it’s good to see Martha Stewart raising the stakes on Goop, collecting the rarest of Persian fur in the most delicate of ways….all to give you a perfect t-shirt for just $95.99

  10. Wow, it’s really true that she does everything purrfectly.

  11. Sure, starting with kittens is tough. But once you taste the life force, you’ll see the value of this step when we move on to small, willful children…Yippee!

  12. That is not her pet, It is dinner.

  13. There’s a perfectly good explanation for this.

  14. I was willing to accept like most caption contests this photo was just a case of bad angles/happenstance, but if she isn’t really biting off this cat’s head WHY IS SHE HOLDING A CLOTH UNDER HER MOUTH?

  15. This is not real gold. Get this shit out of here.

  16. I’m not even gonna pretend to have a pretense for posting this.

  17. “It’s a Mewed Thing”

  18. Martha Stewart Can Has Catburger.

  19. So, this is what happens when you take those artisinal single-batch Himalayan bath salts….

    • I’m shocked I had to scroll this far down to get a bath salts joke. All of you monsters should be put in internet jail for taking so long to get here.

  20. When she watches Gummo and gets to the scenes where they’re selling dead cats to the meat man she’s probably all like “So what who cares? Just a normal scene.”

  21. My great new investment idea: Chicken Kittens.

  22. Cat got your tongue?

  23. “Gimme that little cat tongue.”

  24. Nobody ever suspects Furball Kint.

  25. I hope there aren’t any hairy recipes in this month’s Martha Stewart Living. The Crispy Kitty Casserole was a serious bust.

  26. 10 seconds and 9 stitches later…

  27. Needs Catsup.

  28. I Can Haz Retinal Damage?

  29. Elsewhere, Sarah McLachlan saves a Doe from Dear Abby.

  30. Unlike Louis CK, Martha Stewart perfectly willing to eat Melissa Leo’s pussy

  31. Martha, why is there a carrot cake in the litter bo–? Oh, god! What are you doing??

  32. “Oh, sure, I’m smug, a felon, and I bite cat faces off. But at least I’m not Daniel Tosh.”

  33. Actually, this is just more proof that Martha is not of this world.

  34. Not a Good Thing.

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  37. If the cat had just given her this smug assholish “what’s the problem?/clean it up now bitch!” implying face after performing a seemingly impossible and impossibly frustrating act… I can’t blame her for eating the kitty’s face.

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